Playlist Thursday // Eternal Flame

Thursday, June 4, 2015

1 // Eternal Flame by The Bangles

Gilmore Girls marathon was happening on some channel and The Bangles concert episode was on. I revisited this gem from my days road tripping to yellowstone and listening to a Love Songs from the 70's, 80's, and 90's CD that my parents got at Fred Meyer. Those were the days.

2 // One Sweet Day by Mariah Carey

Oh Mariah. Oh Boyz II Men. Thanks for creating an anthem with a powerful message and the best chorus for singing in front of the mirror or on your snapchat (so dang guilty).

Can we talk about how nerdy the Boyz II Men look?

3 // Lonely Town by Brandon Flowers

GUYS. This is my jam.

4 // Between Me and You by Brandon Flowers

Tears. This song is beautiful. Anyone looking for a good wedding video song, this is it.

5 // The Way It's Always Been by Brandon Flowers

I can't help but hear so many religious allusions in this song. Ya feel me? No? Okay. It's just me then.

6 // Dreams Come True by Brandon Flowers

The ending of this song is EVERYTHING. Let's get real, this song is everything. It's ironic. It's sassy. It's sarcastic. It's hopeful.

"I've got miles per hour, lady." 
"If you see things a little different, I'm not casting any stones." 

7 // Man on Fire by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Thank you Parenthood for having the best music. I'm always shazam-ing the heck out of you.

8 // A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow by Mitch and Mickey

Has anyone else seen A Mighty Wind? Oh man, it's good. It's on Amazon Prime if you have it. I love Mockumentary style films. This one has great music too. I cried during this song and it was supposed to be cheesy and funny, but of course, I cried.

9 // First by Cold War Kids

Ooo I like his voice.

10 // Classic by MKTO

This has a stellar beat and the guys voice is so interesting. It's a quirky and little muppet-y, but I really like it. Also, he mentions getting it on like Marvin Gaye and that's sexy. So there.

11 // Honey, I'm Good by Andy Grammar

Ok so I watched the American Idol finale with my in-laws and that Nathan (Nick) idk the guy who won sang this song with Andy Grammar and it was darn catchy. I'm a sucker for claps in songs, and I'm a total sucker for the darling music video.

12 // Don't Dream It's Over by Miley Cyrus and Ariana  Grande

An amazing cover with a few f-bombs in there, so be careful. But seriously, these girls need to collab more often. Miley Cyrus is a guilty pleasure. She's crazy, but I love her. Oh and Ariana Grande's voice really is unreal.

13 // B!tch Better Have My Money by Rihanna 

Sorry mom, don't listen to this song. I can't get enough of it. I know. If you want a more wholesome version, check out Kelly Clarkson's cover, but don't read the comment section. It's infuriating and I guess you can read it if you want to see body-shaming comments. So annoying, but she rocks the song.

Don't act like you forgot, I call the shot shot shots. 

Not but really, this song is explicit so watch at your own risk. The dancing in this video is rad though.

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