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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Whoooa there, a wishlist wednesday? I haven't done one of these in forever, but I thought I'd grace you with a classic post about classic pieces (or pieces that I think are classic). Basically I'm showing you some key pieces that I have in my closet that I never want to part from. Lez do dis.

Oh you guys, I wish I could say mine weren't from J.Crew but they are. Mine have two rips in the knee and they are perfect in every way. They are mid rise, perfectly skinny and perfectly cropped. Ooo I love them. I did not buy them at $115 though, I got really lucky and got my pair during an end of season sale online. They were an extra 50% off, so keep an eye out, okay? They are the best and they go with just about everything. 

Also, any black skinny jean will do. American Eagle, Gap and even Levis have some great quality pieces. OH MY GOSH. I forgot about Old Navy. That place has bomb skinny jeans. The Rockstar Skinny Jeans are my favorite, and they are a decent price and they are always on some sort of sale. Really though, since I'm not the biggest leggings person, I love these. I also have a pocketless pair with a side zipper that I use that are jeggings, so there's an option as well. 

P.S. I honestly don't wear these a lot in the summer; I opt for a blue wash. Heck, I opt for shorts and dresses half the time. This post isn't supposed to be about summer staples, but I feel it's going that way. 

Whether it's floral, striped, chambray, pink, black, blue, white, orange, t-shirt material, poplin, or cotton, shift dresses are the most comfortable pieces for summer. I love this dress because of the summery print, but I also have so many others in plain grey, stripes or checker. You can throw them on, and if you are someone like me who has to worry about thighs getting sweaty and rubbing together, throw on some cute lace shorts...or garments, you know if you're Mormon. I also am a big fan of fit and flare dresses from Gap, H&M and Old Navy, but I feel like the shift is a little bit more laid-back and I'm all about laid-back. 

Yours does not need to be black. My mom has the striped version and I saw someone with a cobalt blue version the other day. I love this thing. I wore it to my interview with Anthropologie with some booties and a structured eyelet blouse and it was great. It's airy, but sophisticated. You can also dress it down with some cook slip-ons or even an awesome band t-shirt. You heard it from me first. The midi length is totally cool now and it's a very versatile piece. 

I'm a loser when it comes to white button up shirts. They get so dirty when I wear them. I can wear every other white t-shirt or something, but when it comes to white button-ups I'm the number one winner when it comes to getting that stain. So I go for the chambray/tencel look because it's lightweight, breezy, and it gives you that street style look that you're (I mean I'm) looking for. 

Remember when the western denim shirt made a come back and it worked? Yes. I do. Praise. 

I strongly encourage you to try the half-tuck with this baby for maximum style effect. 

In store, this baby is only $9.00 right now, I have a short-sleeve version of this and it's so dreamy. It looks great with just about everything. It's white. It's cotton. It's whimsical. It's girly. It's cool. Pop on some light wash denim or any denim for that matter and some gold jewelry then call it a day. 

I don't have this one exactly, in fact, I have yet to find the perfect striped top. My latest one shrank so I'm keeping my eyes open. But this one is #goals. Thanks for getting me Madewell. Thanks for it all. 

So mine is from Madewell and it's a complete different style. Again, a really good sale made we do it (harhar). But there is always a grey pullover somewhere in the fashion universe so don't get too disappointed. 

8 // Flats for When You Feel Fancy 

Holy goodness gracious, I love these flats. I have wide feet so D'Orsay flats are tough for me, but these are like butter. I love a good flat that makes you feel fancy. 

Because I have the classic black and white checkered pair and I can't get enough of them. I will wear them with everything (much to my mother's dismay). They are just that good. Sure you might think they look like nurse shoes, but I don't mind one bit. 

(Anyone else notice how my titles turned from practical to overdone in four five seconds? Me too.) 

EH...Stay Gold. 

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  1. I just got a chambray button-up from Target a couple weeks ago (this one - http://www.target.com/p/women-s-denim-favorite-shirt-merona/-/A-16504393#prodSlot=large_1_26). It's way cuter in person than in the picture and I love it. :)


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