Terrific Tuesday // On Being Okay With Where You Are

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Unlike all of my friends, I didn't graduate in April.

And like one of my friends, Talor, I felt really depressed about it.

And for a long time I fought with myself and I talk myself down and I blamed myself and I felt like a failure. And I wondered what I did wrong.

Yeah, kind of dramatic, right? Well, sort of. Well, yeah.

Sometimes in life you are on this path and it feels right because you're on that path with everyone else and you've got your pals and you're progressing and you get to tell your mom that you're progressing. It feels pretty darn great.

But then the path just gets crazy. There are rocks and there are trees and pretty flowers along the way and there are potholes. And you get distracted by those flowers and those lovely trees with the sun hitting their leaves just right. And then sometimes you MAD trip into one of the potholes and people keep moving. They don't keep moving because they are heartless or they don't care about you...they move on because they have destinations and they didn't hit those exact potholes you did. They also might be distracted my other flowers along the way or have their sight on other trees, and that's really okay.

Don't be mad at those people. They have destinations, and that's really okay. They wish they could help you out of those potholes and they try or they try to tell you to move on from that certain tree or they rejoice with you about those flowers, but they have to keep going on their path.

Their path is a good one. So is yours. The worthwhile people in your life are the ones that help you along your path and even if they make it to their destination before you make it to yours...they still cheer you on and they make your destination brighter.

The people that are worth diverging from (you know you let them go their own way) are the ones that keep lecturing you about what you do. They are the ones that keep asking you why you have to look at those flowers or why you couldn't possibly get out of that pothole. They are the ones that think their destination is better or brighter and they try to rush you through for some reason. So let them go their own way and say "Hey I'm smelling the roses and even though some of my friends are smelling other roses farther down the path, I'm okay with where I am."

Be okay with where you are, unless you're in a really bad place, if you're in a bad place i hope and pray you find the help you need. I hope you surround yourself with the people that matter with the people that can help you. Be okay if you are in a place where you are learning and becoming better and doing things at the best pace that you can. Slow and steady isn't bad. Fast is good sometimes. Learning and growing is the best.

Treat yourself the best way you can. Treat yourself. Eat an ice cream. Watch your favorite TV show. Take a walk. Go swimming. Buy flowers for yourself. Bake your favorite cookie. Eat a yummy salad with that dressing. Sleep in. Meditate with the sun rays beaming on you. Breathe in deeply and be okay with where you are, because it's a beautiful place to be with the flowers and the trees and even those potholes.

p.s. I realize I completely digressed from my experience not graduating, but you know what I meant. Sooooo yeah.

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