Monday Musing // Why do you instagram your vacation?

Monday, June 1, 2015

Just yesterday it hit me...people actually aspire to be instagram famous. It is the most true thing. People really want to be famous...on INSTAGRAM. And I think I've always thought this was weird. But while scrolling I saw half of the people I follow posting multiple pictures of their expensive clothes and multiple pictures of their babies on vacation in some luxurious place. 

My main thought was: get off the phone and live your life. Put your credit card away and stop showing off. 

And I probably sound like a jealous maniac. Maybe I am a jealous maniac, but as my friend Karlee said on twitter, "How do you have time tweet/IG your amazing vacation?"

And one more: 

Kid: "Mommy, what do you do for a living?" 
Mom: "Oh honey, I take pictures of myself in nice clothes and post them all over the internet."

Yeah you do and it's kind of getting ridiculous. 

No, it really is. 

Why are we so obsessed with this kind of culture? Why are we so obsessed with those likes...those little hearts just popping up on your notifications. Guys, I'm not perfect, I like likes, I like clothes, I like sharing what I'm wearing with people, but I was at the beach the other day and I posted one instagram and I didn't post any other ones because I wanted to really enjoy the moment. 


What an idea, right? Hey, it's okay to take pictures, take a lot of pictures, but when you take it and show it to your friends that you are with to make sure everyone has a nice face, PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY. Don't be so attached to it and don't be so eager to post that photo to instagram to get your 200 plus likes. Just don't do it. DO it later. 

There are actual girls who go and invest money into their blogs and their instagrams and their tweets. 

Why are they doing this? I'm not completely sure. 

Why do you have to tweet your whole vacation? Does it make you feel good to look at your screen everytime a notification comes up? Does it make you feel good to immediately post something and watch the love come flooding in. Does it make you feel good to snapchat you and your baby sleeping. 

Do you really want those sponsorships? Do you really want people to comment "Goals" and "Perfect body" and "I am so jealous of everything about you." "I want to be you." I mean, hey thanks that's really nice of your, but BE YOU!

Be you and go outside and send time with your friends and still take pictures but don't be glued to your social platforms because you are more than a social media platform. You are more than a screen. You are more than a picture of you looking dang good. (Although I love those pictures, you are more than them.) 

So there is that. Okay. 

Being instagram famous isn't that cool. Because in the end, those pics will get lost in cyberspace and your wallet will be crying for help and beauty will fade. And that's my cynical view. 

Ok, bye. 

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