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Saturday, May 23, 2015


Well, these things aren't a MUST on your "things you should know list," but hey just thought I would enlighten you.

1 // I got a job! I'm officially an Anthropologie employee. I needed a job. I have always wanted a job in fashion/retail. During the interview I felt like it was a good fit for me, and it's going to be a learning experience, but it's a beautiful and creative environment and this store is BEYOND dreamy. Plus, I'm a huge sucker for Anthropologie. You all knew that. AND that's all I'm going to say about that. If you have questions, send me a text. We can talk about this.

2 // Oh and I forgot to mention that I can't get you a discount. Sorry.

3 //  I have this cold that will never go away. I swear it won't. It set up camp and is here to stay. It even brought marshmallows for a good roasting.

4 //  If you are looking for a great sale, check out Old Navy's Memorial day sale (I know, I know, shopping is not what memorial day is all about) but seriously, this sale is rad!

5 // Much to my dismay, California has been dreary and overcast (they call it June gloom) for the past three days. Talk about a kill joy. I got a swimsuit, can I please get some sun now? #firstworldproblems #iknow

6 // To narrow down my closet even more, I started a "What do I Wear" journal and I love it. Yes, it took some time and it's an extra step to my daily routine, but it's helping me with the whole quality over quantity thing. There are different ways of doing this, but...

Here's what I do:

1. Get a journal and pen (how easy is that) HOLLA AT MY BAREFOOT CONTESSA.

2. Get dressed.

3. Make sure your journal/paper/notebook/slashwhatever is nearby. Oh and that pen, don't forget the pen.

4. Write down what you're wearing on a list.

5. Repeat, and when you repeat an item or an outfit ( distressed J.Crew jeans that I got for $24) put a star or check mark or tally or whatever indicating that you have repeated this item. I actually just started making a master list of my closet and I make a checkmark on that list.

This probably sounds lame and tedious, but I did this with meal planning and it really helped me see what dishes I truly enjoy making and eating. At the end of the summer, I am going to make sure to donate the items I've never worn more than once (ahem that linen J.Crew shirt that you had to have because it was only $14) (Except now i'm going to go wear it because...)

7 // If I can hear you chewing your gum..I really don't like you.

8 // That's all for today.

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