Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hello there my dearest friends!

2015 was an interesting time for this blog. It was kind of a dark time. My soul ached a lot and I didn't write a lot and I didn't do much. In fact, I just forgot about this darn thing because sometimes you just can't bear your soul to the whole entire world. And that's really okay. And sometimes you're just tired of the same old thing. And sometimes you're tired of talking about your body and all of the hard things that you are going through mentally. That's just the thing.

The thing was that in 2015 or at least the last 6 months of 2015, I didn't want to write. I didn't want to talk about anything. I didn't want to share so much, because I really needed to disconnect. Disconnecting is a good thing sometimes. So I think I'm going to come back because I think I'm ready.

I'm ready to share again. I'm ready to write again. I'm ready for the possibilities. Possibilities are the best! I'm ready to rant about how I want a dog but I can't have one. I'm ready to say how I feel. I'm ready to tell you about things that I love and things that I WANT! Yeah, I'm selfish. I'm going to talk about things that I want. I want this place to be a no-pressure zone. Pressure is the worst. Yeah, it's necessary sometimes, but a no pressure blog? Yeah, I'm all about that shiz. No pressure to post every day. No pressure to talk about certain things. No pressure to make everyone happy. Let's do it.

I'm ready.

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  1. I think I speak on behalf of all of your readers when I say, we want to hear more about Tyler. Plz. K thx.


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