Monday Musings: Mini rant and Back to Happy Valley

Monday, August 13, 2012

First of all, why was Adele not in the closing ceremonies? I know she's pregnant and all, but they had Jessie J screaming and yodeling her lungs out while Adele could have been belting out some lovely tunes with her far better voice. Come on London.

Second of all, really Facebook you're announcing engagements now?

Third of all, and what I want to talk about most of all is the fact that this is my last week before I move back down to Happy Valley for school. This week is finally here. I remember last year when my last week finally came to be. I was an emotional mess. Heck I was an emotional, anxious mess all of last summer. Really though, I can't believe this is my last week. I haven't even thought about buying my books, moving in, packing all of my closet into bins, what I'm going to eat, the homework. It hasn't all settled in yet. I don't think I'm afraid. I don't think I'm not ready. I think I am ready. I want to be back at school, but I don't want to adjust, but hey change is inevitable. I need to adjust. I need to start being an independent college student again. It's time to meet new people, make new friends, get used to a new ward. Get used to everything. It really is exciting. Nervewracking, but very exciting. I just need to remember who I am. I can't lose myself when I'm at school. I feel like that happened my Freshman year. I compared myself to everybody. I let my anxiety, OCD, and stress get the best of me. That happens sometimes, but too often last year. This year is going to be better than last. I know it's easier said than done, but really I'm going to try my best to make this year a really awesome one. I am going to be my best self. I'm going to be the REAL Dani. It is time to grow up again, start anew, have some fun, and work hard. Bring it on.

So here's to the last week.  Here's to another Monday Musing. And here's to Imagine Dragons.

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