Friday Favorites

Friday, August 10, 2012

1. A healing mouth.
I was able to bite into a burger and actually chew it. It was the best thing in the entire world. The bruising is going down, and I just finished my antibiotic...SO NO MORE NAUSEA ATTACKS!

2. Project Runway
My favorite show. Ever. More than ANTM. More than Friday Night Lights...okay maybe not, but I love that show. The new season is kinda bugging me though. Have any of you been watching it? What do you think of the designers? Do you think they are talented? Me? Not so much. I think the people with the most promise are Dmitry, Sonjia, and Ven.

3. Back to School Shopping
It can be such a pain, especially when you're looking for deals, but when you do find great deals it's so much fun. I love shopping. It's not good, but I love shopping. I have picked up some cute stuff if I do say so myself.

It may look like my feet are dirty, but I promise they are not. The discoloration you see is a tanline that I got from my sandals. Triangle tan lines WOO!

Aren't these great? I got them at Rue 21 for $10! I was worried about the quality, I haven't worn them yet, but they feel nice and durable. I will get some good wear out of them. 

5. Ross/T.J. Maxx/ The Gap Factory Store
Shirts and pants under 20 dollars? Count me in!

6. Friday Night Lights and Friendship Bracelets.
Ah Timmy, there is a glare on your face but you are still so good looking.
My sister and I spent our whole Wednesday watching Tim Riggins be gorgeous, and making candy stripe friendship bracelets. A day well spent I say.

7. Say Yes to the Dress
For some reason, I am addicted to that show. Whenever they are having a marathon on TLC I am hooked. I get crazy wedding fever. Sigh.

8. Jeremiah's with the Family
Today my dad came home and wanted some good home cooking. So instead of having my mom make something, we went down to Jeremiah's and indulged in the best comfort food in town. To make it even better, it was pouring rain outside. Oh so cozy. I love nights like these. I really love food and I REALLY REALLY REALLY love my family. So it was perfect.

Now for some Pinterest Fave's and Bloglovin'!

It's the same for the ladies. Take note people.
Yes. It's the same for you ladies.

Edgy and chic.

Dear Creatures - 2012 autumn Collection
Cats. 'nuf said.
Repin.   YES.
Oh yes.

I need a vest. Just so I can wear it like this.

Happy Friday friends! Make sure to tell me about your favorites this week. They can be anything. I want to know! What have you been inspired by? Sit back, relax, comment below, and get ready for the weekend.

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