Terrific Tuesday: Labor Day is the Best Day of the Year

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

You don't really know how awesome Labor Day is until you go to college. It's the first break after the first week of school. Who doesn't love a three day weekend? Especially at my happy university. We don't get a Spring break so we enjoy any and all breaks. So since Labor day is the first break of the year, it earns the name..."BEST DAY OF THE YEAR." That's right, it beats Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, Black Friday, and even 4/21.

Last year, I didn't think Labor Day was that great. My roommates and I were all Freshman. I was the only person with a car, we didn't have many friends. I'm pretty sure we spent the day doing homework, talking about what we wanted to do, saying we were bored, and eventually walking around University Mall like Junior High Schoolers. Yeah, that doesn't sound like the Best Day Ever does it?

Well let me tell you this, this year, Labor Day was the Best Day of the Year. The best. I have never had so much fun on Labor Day in my life. Really though. Why was my Labor day so great? Well let's look at some Instagrams because I'm obsessed with Instagram-ing everything nowadays.

Labor was the Best Day of the Year because...

I got a sewing kit.

I went to a ward BBQ, my ward does something like every day I'm not even kidding.

I made peach pizza with Mak.

I created a real life Pinterest Quote board. It is the easiest way to decorate a dreary bedroom. 
Kaitlyn planned a pretty fan-freaking-tastic FHE. So fun. Have you played the couch game? It was my first time and I was having a great time. Plus, the people in our FHE family are wonderful.

Then...to top it off...

A BONFIRE with friends!

As you can see, this year's labor day beat last years by a billion and one points. Way to go Labor Day. 

Did you have an awesome Labor Day? What made your Labor Day the best day of the year? Comment below and have a terrific Tuesday.

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  1. You should tell me about this couch game sometime because I'm the FHE mom in my ward! Also- I love that you had a wonderful Labor Day! :) From Leah.


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