Monday Musing: Things I learned...

Monday, October 1, 2012

I hope everyone had a pleasant and lovely weekend. After having a troubling and awful week, I was blessed with a peaceful weekend where I had to study, but was able to speak with the people closest to me. I was able to learn some things.

First, people tell you not to pee in the pool, but sometimes you just have to.
Now you may be thinking, wow Dani, that is the most disgusting thing you have ever said. Well I mean in the ward dating context. So people tell you not to date people in your ward, because it leads to unneccesary drama and awkward Family Home Evenings, but sometimes, you just have to go. You can't hold it in. Humorous right? Yet, so profound! Sometimes you need to date those people, you need to experience those things, you need to test the waters. You just gotta pee in the pool. I would like to say, that a guy told me that analogy. I am taking no credit. Love doctor in the making? Heck ya.

Second, I learned a lot from this quote by Elder Bruce C. Hafen.

"Life's problems never seem to cease, but trying hard to deal with the problems somehow makes you dig deep enough that you learn things you'd never understand without the digging. A happy life isn't about getting what you want; it's about the attitude you develop toward whatever happens to you, an attitude that lets you grow."

Sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper. You have to if you want to figure everything out. As you dig, things become clearer. You suddenly know what to do. Slowly but surely, you realize the Lord's hand in your life. You put your trust in Him and you begin to grow. What a comfort. What a beautiful truth.

So on this Monday, remember sometimes you just HAVE to go, and you HAVE to dig.

That's how you grow.

That's all. 

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