Friday Favorites: Cheerio!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

1. Peanut Butter Cheerios

Multigrain Peanut Butter YUM!
They taste even better in smiling cup.

2. Bon Iver: Live at Radio City Music Hall
Oh how I wish I could share the concert with you, but unfortunately, the concert was only available for public viewing for two days. Such a shame. I sure hope they put it on iTunes or something. I will buy that concert in a heartbeat. It was the best performance I have ever seen by Bon Iver. Justin was spot on with his vocals. The set list was magnificent. It was perfect. I cried a lot. Favorite songs: Holocene and on ward. Everything after Holocene brought tears to my eyes. You should have seen me during Beth/Rest and the encore. When he started singing For Emma...I lost it for the rest of the night.

3. Beth/Rest
I have mentioned this a million times before, but this is my favorite Bon Iver song, and it could possibly be my favorite song of all time. 

I may have listened to it over 50 times this week.

4. Soccer games with my two favorite Asian baby brothers

Quite possibly one of the best keepers ever.
Aaron is my favorite.

5. Happy birthday to the prettiest and most golden girl I know. My sister!
I can't believe she's sixteen. Oh I love her so much.

6. Fried Mac and Cheese

Probably one of the most decadent dishes I have ever had. Props to my Foodie Photo!
7. Matt & Kim
I am late to jump on the Matt & Kim bandwagon, but I'm sure glad I did. Heck I like them so much, I'm going to their concert in November.

8. The loving words of friends and family!
This week was horribly rough and awfully long, but texts and calls and messages from the beautiful people in my life made it worth the struggle. 

9. My very special and wonderful followers.
Although I don't have many, I sure am grateful for the people that follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and this blog. You are all a blessing to me. I am so grateful for the kind things you have said and for the fact that you still read and look at my stuff even if I slack or post strange things. Youda youda best. 

10. Street Art

We're all Mormons here. Haha. What a beautiful universal truth, no?
11. Comfy Hoodies
Aeropostale is having a hoodie sale. I don't usually wear hoodies with logos on them, but they have some really cute ones without the Aero logo. They are around 10-16 dollars. I got a really cute one for 12 dollars. Jump on that pretty ladies!

12. Dairy Queen Blizzards
I didn't even get a picture of mine, but it was the perfect blizzard, the only problem was how cold the Dairy Queen was. I sure do love Dairy Queen. 

13. Retail Therapy
This explains the 12 dollar hoodie and the yummy smelling candles. 

14. Spotify Playlists
I have some pretty awesome playlists on Spotify if I do say so myself. They have all helped me survive homework and a crappy week. 

15. Frozen Yogurts and Late Nights 
What college is all about right?
A scrumptious mix of red velvet, cheesecake, nutella, and cookie dough.

What were your favorites of the week?
Have a very happy weekend friends! Stay golden! 


  1. Loved this post and all your photos. :)

    1. Oh thank you so much! Thank you for stopping by! xx


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