Wishlist Wednesday: Camping, Fall Weddings, and Pinspirations

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Last night I had a "Once Upon a Pizza Night" with my roommates and former roommates. I realized late last night afterwards, that I had nothing in my wishlist, except for the jumper I'm going to show you. That won't stop me though, get ready for a little blubbering over fall weddings and pinspiration.

So first, the jumper.

Fall makes me want to camp. I know, summertime is usually camping time, but seriously when it starts getting cool and the mountains start to change, I can't help but want to get out there. Wrap myself in sweaters and hats, and sleep in a tent under the stars. I want a camp fire, I want to cook food over it, and I want to share blankets with people I love. I have the camping bug right now. Thus, this sweater/jumper, whatever you want to call it.


How fitting right? Can I please have this? Who wants to get it for me for Christmas? Or for Thanksgiving? Pun intended, I would be a happy camper if I got this. Yep. Pretty much.

Because I have been on such a fall kick, I have desired a fall wedding. This surprises me, because I've always wanted to be married in June (Seven brides anyone?) There are so many problems with those when you're a college student though (including the fact that I'm no where near getting engaged).  I mean fall means school, midterms, interesting weather (if you live in Utah), but it would be so beautiful. Just look at these pictures and I'm sure I'll have you convinced.

Click here, here, here and here.


Image Courtesy of Happily Grey

I even attempted to recreate this look. 

I know it's not even close to being impeccably styled, but when you're a college student and only have a bathroom mirror to take pictures, it's the best you can do.

When you would want to get married? Which season? Which month? Do you love camping? Do any of you want to go on a camping trip with me? What has been inspiring your wishlists lately? Comment below and have a happy day!


  1. I can't remember if I told you on Instagram or not, but I LOVE that outfit on you.

    1. Thank you Leah! You are SO sweet!


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