His name is Matt. Her name is Kim.

Monday, November 5, 2012

*This was written November 2nd, but I have been out finding God and discovering myself, so I wasn't able to post it until now.*

Yesterday, Jarett picked me up and we went on a crazy concert adventure. We went to see Matt & Kim, the indie/alternative/electronic/pop group known for their crazy concerts and do-it-yourself music attitude. Here are some favorites from the set list. Be ready to dance a little and do a head bop or two. Did I mention this was my first concert? What a successful one it was. Enjoy!

1. Block After Block

They opened the show with this song. They speed up their music for concerts, so everyone is shouting at the top of their lungs, "Block after block, YEAH! Block after block!"  and dancing around like they are doing some rain dance. It's the greatest.

2. Good 'Ol Fashion Nightmare 

You know how some artists let their audience sing a lot of the song, and they point their microphone to the crowd, and everyone sings at the top of their lungs? Yeah that was with this song and it was really cool. 

3. Now

One word. Whiplash.
Okay maybe another word, bloody nose...but thank goodness it didn't happen to me, but I'm pretty sure a lot of people in the middle of the crowd did get one from all the moshing.

4. Yea Yeah

This is the first song I ever heard by Matt & Kim so it kinda has a little special place in my heart, even if it really isn't that sentimental. The lyrics aren't even that creative, but it's still great and I love it. Kinda nostalgic.

5. It's Alright

6. Let's Go

This music video is so cute. And funny. Sorry not sorry.

7. Silver Tiles

Dedicated to the first timers. I wanted to cry a little bit and I almost did. It was perfect. This is the first song they ever wrote by the way. 

8. Daylight

This was when I actually started to cry. For some reason this song always gets to me. Just listen. 

9. Good for Great

My favorite song was the encore. Night made.

Thank you Matt & Kim for a great night.

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