Monday Musing: The Cleaning Piece III

Monday, November 5, 2012

Some nights I lay awake and think of all the mean or critical things I have said to someone or ABOUT someone that day. I think of how I would feel if I heard or was told all of the critical things people say about me when I'm not around. Just thinking about it makes me angry and hurt, then I realize how those people must feel. I think of how my sarcastic or "I'm not trying to judge" remarks make or would make those people feel. I don't deserve it when people say "You're too nice, or you're so kind." I'm not if I say those things to and about people. I have been told that sarcasm is the lowest form of humor and that speaking ill of others is one of the most  UN-Christ-like things you could do. So that's why today I am starting something new. It is part of my journey to God and self-discovery. It is all a part of the journey. Even if it's hard and I have to start over multiple times, I will do this. It is called the Cleaning Piece III and I have Tumblr to thank for it.

What a wonderful world we would have if everyone lived this way. I'm not saying I will be perfect at this, and I'm not saying that I won't have to face conflict. I'm saying that I want to try this. I want to be better. I want to be kinder. I don't want to feel guilt when people say "Dani, you're just so nice."

So today marks the beginning. Today I will keep negative thoughts to myself. I will see people as who they truly are, children of an ever-loving Father in Heaven who loves each and every one of them. Brothers and sisters of a big brother who lived and died for them. I will see them as people. I will clean my life. I will have a heart at peace. Who is with me? We can start, make mistakes, and start again together!

Let's go!

Stay golden!

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