Terrific Tuesday: Think Happy, Be Happy

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I woke up today with a feeling of rejuvenation. The feeling to go on. The feeling to be better. The feeling to be happy. I will be truly dedicated to The Cleaning Piece. I can make it through finals week. I can have a positive attitude. I can be kind to others. I can miss Jarett but still be okay. I can look forward to Christmas. My class schedule will work out...I decided to change my major. I am thinking about writing a tumblr post on that so stay tuned. Life is good. If I love life, life will love me back. So here's to loving life. Think happy, be happy.

I will be back to writing better posts soon...well maybe in two weeks time. Let me get through the Holidays. You know how it is. Hopefully, I can find a balance. Until tomorrow or some other time, stay golden.

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