Wishlist Wednesday: Black Friday Picks

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sorry this is late. I had a wonderful evening which will be spoken of later. While Black Friday Shopping, I only picked up one thing that I really needed, but while I was shopping I picked some things that might help you with your gift shopping this year...and it so happens to be my Christmas Wishlist...the not so grown up kind.

1. AE Heritage Fleece Hoodie

I tried this on during Black Friday and it is probably the softest and most comfortable hoodie I have ever worn. Unfortunately, it wasn't on the best sale possible so I didn't get it. Seriously though, it has a sweater hood and the warmest fleece inside. If you are in the market for a new hoodie, add this to your Christmas list.

2.  Oxblood Coated Jeggings

 I have this obsession for the oxblood trend right now. I didn't intend to go in, try these on, and fall in love, but I did. I tried them on with the hoodie and it was a match made in heaven. I love it when outfits come together like that. For being coated jeggings, they are incredibly comfortable, and they are a pretty normal color if you compare it to the neon jean trend. You could wear these for ages. Well not really..but you know what I mean.

3.  Karinska Tulle Skirt

The most perfect and beautiful tulle skirt I have seen in stores. It truly is lovely. Wear it on New Year's. Wear it on Valentine's Day. Or wear it just for fun.


This dress has "Dani" written all over it. Especially the way they styled it in the second picture. I wouldn't mind this dress in Snapdragon either. Isn't Kate Spade delightful?

5. These Coats, 1, 2, and 3.

I am in love with the leather sleeve trend, so naturally, I found an affordable anorak for those wanting to spend a little more on a coat.

The second coat looks much better in navy blue. Taylor Swift inspired...don't you think? 

I tried on the third coat in a camel color and it was very beautiful. The hardware really makes this coat. 

6.  Heather Leather Watch in Sand from Fossil
A simple, yet stylish watch for those that want something special on their wrist this holiday season. Also, the price is way better than a $250 Michael Kors...sigh. Still wishin' for this one. 

What did you find on Black Friday? Did you buy anything, or was it just a look and see kind of trip? What's on your not so grown up Christmas List this year?

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