Fleet Foxes with blue spotted tails, flying miles, and not saying words...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I will be back soon with Wishlist Wednesday posts, I am trying to revamp the way I write them. I am thinking about using my Polyvore account more, and I am also considering doing more specific/themed posts. For now, if you have any suggestions or ideas for me about those posts, please comment below, or send me a quick message. Don't be shy. Today, just enjoy some tunes.

1. Blue Spotted Tail by Fleet Foxes

"Why in the night sky are the lights hung? Why is the earth moving round the sun?"
Apparently, Kina Grannis has a cover. I definitely need to check that one out. Holler for Kina Grannis. Also, who else thinks that Fleet Foxes is appropriate for every occasion? I do. 

2. Don't Say a Word by Ellie Goulding 

"And if I save us, and I fall down, I will leave your words behind now...If you never, held me under, if you never hear my thunder."

If you have not listened to her new album Halcyon, I don't know what you are doing. 

3. The Mile by Stu Larsen
"I had never seen the snow, never sailed upon the seas. 
I was busy making plans to build a fortress in the trees.  I’d ride my bicycle down the lane and back again. 
Talking to the birds and my imaginary friends.
And I would want to run away, go as far as I could see. 
But I’d always turn around to find familiarity, right where it should be..
I’ll be gone, running on the mile..
Oh my love, is there hope for yesterday?
'Cause I’m following my heart, and it’s taking me away. 
Now I am moving on, I do not know where I will go. 
But I’m beckoned by the sky in the river down below. 
I’ve only got one pair of shoes, comforting these weary feet. 
'Cause a man who owns too much is like a song without a beat, left feeling incomplete..
I’ll be gone, running on the mile.."

The link I provided is not the best. (Stop listening at 5:14)  I wasn't able to find another recording, but this just proves that he is perfect live. Stu Larsen was a tumblr find. Let's take a moment to thank tumblr for the music we find. Please go listen to this on Spotify. 

What are you listening to?

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