Thoughts on a Tuesday

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

And these thoughts are really terrific, if I do say so myself.

It is the second day of the semester, and I already know that this semester is going to be pretty darn difficult. Well one class anyway. The teacher intimidated me. Like really. I almost don't want to go back, but I will because I need to do this and I have to live my goals.

Speaking of goals, I have been setting some. I shared some on my last Wishlist Wednesday post, and I intend to reach them. I intend to be a happier person, and I intend to put the spiritual aspects of my life first. My dad told me before I left for school that if I build my spiritual foundation, things will work out for me. I will have a better life. I will be happier. I will love a little bit more. I have already seen this. The Lord is guiding me, and I know it.

Sometimes, we don't feel like we have any guidance in our lives, and that is normal sometimes. My friend Emilee just said as I was writing this, we are all a little lost. We are but if we just stop and think for a minute. There is always guidance in our lives. Always. We are always found.

Photo Courtesy of someone on Pinterest. It's always hard to find the exact source.


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    1. Thank you! That's why I love Pinterest and tumblr, you can find the greatest things.


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