A Birthday Story

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Saturday, April 13th was this gobbledy-gooks birthday. I turned the big 2-0 "GOODBYE CHILDHOOD! YOU WERE EVER SO GOOD TO ME! Except for the time where I wore Harry Potter glasses and had teeth that overlapped each other. Oh well."

Birthday festivities began on Friday afternoon.  My sweet mother was adamant on Spencer and I getting to Salt Lake so we could scour City Creek for birthday goods. So I skipped class, mostly because I slept in until the sun was high in the sky...well it would have been if there was sunshine that day. And Spencer picked me up and we drove to SLC and we made lots of silly jokes along the way and talked about life and important things but mostly we made fun of Lana Del Rey all the while singing to her swanky tunes.

City Creek puts Spencer out so he brought a deep novel to read and kept looking at it longingly as he followed me around Nordstrom twenty times, then to The Gap, next to Sephora to smell the perfume selection and then to J.Crew to dream a lot, and lastly to Anthropologie because I could spend my whole life in that store looking at every bit and bauble that they have. On my second trip to J.Crew my mom, grandmama, and sister joined us and we went away to shop. Spencer sat in the sun, looking at little children splash in a fountain and Krystal stayed by my side, telling me not to get overwhelmed and also reminding me that she would buy me anything I wanted. She's a working girl now so she is pretty much a 16 year old millionaire. No big deal. As for shopping went, I did get some birthday treasures, and treasures they were.

First, from The Gap, Krystal bought me an ensemble, what a gal. I can't believe I'm so blessed to have a sister like her.

These floral skimmers...

They are the softest and springiest pants ever. Thanks Tootie!

And then she topped it off with this tailored chambray shirt and it's better than all the chambray shirts in the world because it's structured in the most perfect places. Even the buttons feel expensive and the highest of quality. I will probably wear the daylights out of this thing.

And I'll probably wear it exactly like this model is wearing it.

Oh and let me not forget to mention that they were having an extra 30-50% off on certain items so she got a killer deal on all of it (I had to sneak a peek of the receipt. Shhh...don't tell her.)

Next we went to Anthropologie and I was in heaven. I really didn't even look at the clothes, I am more into their books, candles, and kitchen stuff. It's all so simple, clean, and exceptionally lovely. My mom bought me The Sartorialist: Closer and my first Kinfolk Magazine. I am going to start collecting those beautiful things. If there is anything worth collecting it's fine reading. So thank you beautiful mother. I do adore you. You are far too good to me.

After that, I went on the hunt for the perfect, dress, cardigan, and statement necklace.  Those were really the things I wanted the most clothing wise this birthday. So we searched and searched and everything was either too short, too ugly, too long, not the right color, not the right fit, some were so gosh-awful I got super impatient with the minds of designers. And then we saw the holy grail...and I tried it on. And it was perfect. AND IT WAS ONLY $60! I was dying, but I let it go, because it was slightly too short and I was sad because I didn't think it was, but we had to go meet my dad and other brother for dinner. But I didn't let any of it damper my spirits, it was just a dress after all, and I'm 20 years old I can't be complaining about dresses any longer!

So dinner didn't work out as planned but we still feasted. We intended on dining at The Cheesecake Factory, because that is my favorite restaurant in the entire world, but the line was like TWO HOURS LONG so we opted for Johnny Rockets instead and it was a grand choice. Grand, indeed. I got the Smokehouse Single and it treated the taste buds really nicely, not to mention I had a chocolate oreo shake to wash it down. I devoured it all. My family did too. We were hungry people. My mom presented me with a $50 gift card for Target and some chocolate covered treats to make me that happiest college girl approaching finals alive. She knows me.

Well it was time to go back to the happy valley and it was time to leave my family so they could go back to North Ogden and my dad was very interested in walking all of us back and stopping at The Limited while he was at it. He walked into The Limited and was there for a little to long for it not to be suspicious. So I walked in after him and there he was chatting jovially with the cashier about fashion and stuff and then from behind the counter, he handed my dad the beautiful clothing creation that I had tried on earlier but let go. He won dad of the year award right there. Dad of a lifetime. The most stylish dad around. Oh man, Daddy-O you are a catch. I never want to let you go!

Well my actual birthday came! It came nice and lovely with Abelskievers in the morning and boys that smelled of Old Spice. All the while, I was led on a household easter egg hunt like my parents used to do for my birthday when I was little. Oh and a word scavenger hunt provided by dear ol Emilee where I had to find these great words. Then we went to a baseball game and I actually enjoyed. When we got back I was fed pizza and it was beyond tasty.

To end the night Makenna invited people over for a 10 minute dance party and we rocked hard core. Then I was greeted by a delicious cake. Did I also mention that I ate a J-Dawg throughout the day.

So all I have to say is that I was very blessed that day. With all the gifts, food, and company a girl could die of happiness. That night I fell asleep with a smile on my face. So thank you everybody who made my birthday so amazing. You have made this life amazing. I love you all. You're the goldest of the gold.

And here are some pictures!!
1. Classy picture of the dress. So classy because it's taken in front of a bathroom mirror with Mak's towels in the distance. 2. The Sartorialist: Closer 3. Kinfolk Mag. So Lovely. 4. The Hunt begins. 5. Abels! Apple slices apparently! 6. Emilee's great scavenger hunt.
1. Me and my Dawg! 2. The pizza. 3 A beautiful necklace Kaitlyn gave me. 4. The baseball game.
Being a turkey with Spencer.
I was trying to be edgy or super hipster. It didn't work.
Cards. I love cards. Scarf is from H&M I got it in Switzerland. The sweater is from American Eagle. Watch is Michael Kors. Nail polish is Essie's "Play date" and the face is from Frank and Lys Ruiz. 20 years in the making.
My beautiful mother and my abuela! See the resemblence?
My dad impatiently waiting for food, he was hungry. Krystal quizzically touching her chin. And me trying to decide whether Spencer was taking the picture of not.
Krystal looking tired but oh so cute, and me cheesin' with a gift full of treats and a Target giftcard.
P.S. If this is poorly written, I'm not even sorry, this has taken me 12 years to write all in the midst of finals week and dramatude with peoples. Until later, friends.

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