The truth about growing up...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So I finished my second year of college today and it didn't go out with a bang or confetti or cheers or a big wet kiss from a boy. It ended with me walking home, feeling slightly forlorn because I didn't nail my family finance test. No I didn't nail it at all. And no one was there when I got home to make me a PB & J or brush through my hair and rub my back while I cried a little and felt overwhelmingly tired. I got over it though. That's the thing about growing up. You get over things and you grow out of being coddled. You have to grow up sometimes. No matter how tired you are. No matter how bad a test seems. No matter how tight your jeans fit because you ate junk ALL week. No matter how many break outs / break downs you have. No matter how many tears you cry, disappointments you have, insecurities you feel. Life goes on and one must grow up.

Not saying that it's not okay to cry and pout and sometimes have a pity party. Sometimes you have to, but you must get back up. You have to get dressed for the start of summer party in an hour even when you want to veg around all day and it's cold outside. You just have to because that's what growing up is about. It's about being happy and living. It's about making decisions that will bless your life and building relationships that you can keep forever. It's about laughter and managing money. It's about returning those shoes you don't need and not buying another striped sweater. It's about talking to your wise father about love and accepting his comfort. It's about waking up to your alarm in the morning and starting the day with a smile even if it's 36 degrees outside and snowing.

Growing up isn't so bad. Yes, sometimes I don't want it to happen, but then again it's an exciting feeling. It's a start of something fresh, new and oh so lovely. Sometimes, I really like growing up. It's not so bad.

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  1. Dani, growing up is hard. As each day goes by, I get more scared of what life is going to be like. I do not know what it will be like in one, five, ten, or fifty years from now for us, but I know that you are amazing, have wonderful friends and family to help you out, and you will succeed in life. I love you. Know you can always come to my apartment and talk to me. I am here for you. This year was hard, and we changed a lot. Just remember to keep smiling. You keep buying those striped sweaters and shoes you don't need. I will always love you. :)


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