Watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince late at night will result in taking a BB out of a leg...

Friday, April 12, 2013

Yet another Friday comes upon us. Well that's just fine because it's the last Friday of the semester and it's April 12th which means tomorrow is April 13th which means it's my birthday. *flails body around in excitment* *commence gleefull squealing*

1. So the title...
Last night, good ol Jack texted me wondering if all of us wanted to grab some burgers at JCW's but we had all eaten already so we opted for a movie, but Tyler would only come if we watched a good movie, not a lame one.  So I let him decide on the movie, and he really wanted to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. So we did. And Tyler commented on everything. He was so over it. And that movie is way longer than I remember, and that Inferi part gives me the heebie jeebies every time. Oh I also fell asleep and didn't wake up until Dumbledore died. So when it was over at like 12:00 midnight, instead of everyone going home we....

2. Sat and talked until 12:30-something. And that is something I love when Tyler and Jack come over. They sit and talk and they talk for a LONG time, but it's great and it's nice to have conversation with friends. Well after that, Jack decided to tell us about the BB that he mentions probably every time we are together. Haha. I think that thing has been imbedded in his leg for about 8 years, and it has slowly been making its way out of his leg. Gross I know. Well it was right at the surface of his calf that thing was ready to come out soooo....

3. I grabbed my pocket knife and went to work.
Now I understand this is probably gross and not as sunshiney as you would like it, but it was cool for me. I felt really awesome.  So I cut some of the skin around the BB, then there was blood, then Jack just popped it out. And we all cheered or went "AGHHH Ohhhh there muscle tissue still on that thing?!!"

4. And then I took pictures, but I'm not going to post them because I've probably sickened you enough.

5. So back to the pretty normal favorites.
Today, I get to go to SLC and dine with the family for my birthday dinner. Bring on the cheesecake and mac and cheese. THEN I GET TO SHOP TIL I DROP! Okay maybe not, but my fast is over and I get to get some pretty grown up clothes (yeahhh surrree)

6. Turning 20 tomorrow. Stoked. I feel like I'm one step closer to drinking alcohol and crap. Justttt kidding.

7. Paramore came out with a new album and I haven't heard it all yet but I NEED TO! Paramore is like the music of my junior high existence. "Still Into You" is by far the best song in the bunch. LOVE IT! Hayley Williams looks so weird but so awesome and her dancing is so cute and I want her hair. And her voice is still phenomenal. OH and there are claps! GUYS I LOVE CLAPS!

8.  I was cordially invited to Peer Mentor spring training. Guys...this job has been such a blessing already. I cannot wait.

9. When you have to write a long paper and everything just comes together. That is the best feeling.

10. Being able to sleep in. Love it.

What were your favorites this week? Did I completely gross you out with my BB pellet story? Should I post birthday festivities? Yeah mannnn. Have a happy and safe weekend.

Stay gold.

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