I knew you were wearing J.Crew when you walked in...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

So the other day, Tyler and I were caught in the craziest rain storm as he was dropping me off. I was wet, my back ached, and I was tired when I walked into my apartment. Much to my pleasant surprise, my ever so thoughtful and kind roommates had made treats to bring to our new neighbors. I tagged along and once Lauren (our new neighbor) opened the door, I exclaimed, "Hi we're your neighbors!" And then I pointed straight at her (rude, I know. I know.) And said "J.Crew, your sweater is from J.Crew." I just knew it. And she expressed a bright yes and then we talked about clothes for five seconds and I tried to hide my creepiness, because really though, I had just added the sweater in two colors to this wishlist. So here it is. The sweater she was wearing and other things I can't afford just yet. Just because.

P.S. I forgot to mention that she had Volcano burning in her apartment and that just so happens to be my favorite candle scent ever. You can imagine just how weird she thought I was when I immediately mentioned that too. Soul sisters? Just maybe.

The Sweater

1 // Of course I first saw it on Rachel. We're on a first name basis, not really.  And of course, I wanted it in every color. Can we never move on from the neon trend, ever, please? J.Crew does it so well. It's just too good.
2 // But really, if I'm gonna spend 88 dollars on a sweater, it better be a neutral color that I will wear the heck out of. You know me so well J.Crew. You know me so well gray, black and white, you really do. This sweater is screaming my name. P.S. This beauty is selling out so fast. Hopefully I can find it in stores.

Other things I can't afford...

4 // Get out of here coolest shirt ever. You're making me upset that I don't/can't have you.
5 // Well ain't this the cutest? Cheekiest? Kissiest? I'm done now.
6 // *Boom* Mind blown. I need to jump on this camo trend asap. It doesn't even look bad. It looks like the trendiest pattern out there and I am all about trendy things. (Confession)
7 // More and more camo. Get in my closet.
8 // And I have died and gone to heaven. I can't even. I.CAN'T.EVEN.
9 // I always come back to these boots. They are perfect. In every way. Don't even try to fight it.

Well now that I have had a J.Crew overdose...I'm going to leave you to your own wishing. Please bless, that I get that sweater...or that I get a good paycheck. Or that that sweater is in the store. Because I NEED it. That is a need people, okay maybe not. Until later. (geeez I need to calm down.)

Stay gold.


  1. fyi that neon sweater is on sale right now! just the coral one! lol i totally know how this goes - i feel an instant connection with people who like jcrew too. i could honestly talk about it for hours. this post is awesome haha! oh and volcano is the most incredible scent - good for all seasons.

    1. Jane! Thanks so much for letting me know about the sweater being on sale. I still need to get my hands on it, sale or not. haha. Yes the J.Crew connection is there. It's amazing. Volcano for all seasons!? Heck yeah!


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