A modest proposal.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Confession time.

Guys. I don't like proposal videos. I used to be really into them. You know, the whole Bruno Mars, Disney, lip syncing hoohah doodads. I loved them, they made me cry yadda yadda yadda...until...I got engaged. And it was the most simple and beautiful and perfect thing ever. And there was no Bruno Mars, no jumbo tron, no flash mob, no sky divers, no band playing, no fireworks. And guess what? I was incredibly happy about it. And then I got really disappointed. Disappointed that girls started posting these videos everywhere with captions saying, "Take a lesson boys, learn from this, this is the only way a girl should be asked, if a boy doesn't ask me this way I'll say no."

That's when my face met my palm and I began to question the humanity and goodness of girls these days.

Why do boys have to spend a ton of money and a ton of time after he's spent A WHOLE BUTT LOAD OF MONEY ON THAT SHINY BAUBLE THAT WILL BE ON YOUR HAND FOREVER!?! Why?

How dare you ask for anything more! Okay...I might be getting a little too heated about it. All the caps and stuff, but really. I know. Everyone deserves the proposal they want and guys actually want to do something big and elaborate, but when Tyler asked me what I wanted as a proposal...I just sat in silence. I couldn't think of anything because I didn't expect anything. I mean, I was already getting a ring. I was already getting to be with him forever! I mean what more could I want? Why did there have to be a standard of marriage proposals? Why was there an expectation?

I'm not trying to say that my proposal was the best and all the elaborate ones are trash...I'm just saying that girls...girls shouldn't expect the fireworks, and the marching bands, and the lip syncing. They shouldn't require it anyway. Truth is...it's NOT THAT IMPORTANT. In fact, the proposal is the least important part. Let's get real.

So here's what I want to know. If you are engaged or married, how did your fiancee/husband propose to you? Were you expecting something crazy and elaborate? Was it simple and did you absolutely love it? Do you think that girls should expect elaborate and showy proposals? Voice off and please, please don't hate me.

I'm out.

Stay gold.

P.S. I went back and read this and I realize that it could make people who had elaborate proposals feel bad. I don't think they are...I'm complaining more about the girls who actually EXPECT a huge proposal. That's all. Take it as you will.

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