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Saturday, November 16, 2013

1. Not a link, but a moment. This weekend. I had a wonderful and wet drive up to Ogden on Friday morning. Ready to go get my dress fitted and to be blessed with the kind words of my mother and the wisdom of my father. On the way I got to stop for a visit at a new shopping center in Farmington. The snow was dropping so nicely and I made sure to turn on FM 100.3 because Christmas could be felt in the air. Then Tyler came later that night and we enjoyed today eating Chinese food, searching for the perfect eye shadow, eating more food, laughing at funny videos and old stories, and staying snowed in, because it was like a blizzard today. We were supposed to go back to Provo, but why go back when you don't need to and when you can stay cozy in your home? Plus, Tyler is suffering from some pretty bad PTSD after two car accidents, (I'm fine in the snow) so I felt like it would be best if we didn't stress his Southern California bones out. (Sensitivity and lack of jokes or criticism is the best way to combat this.) No one deserves that after a wonderful and relaxing weekend. And so. Tomorrow we make our way home. Rain or snow. I think we will be okay.

2. I was featured!

3. Powerful. Heartbreaking, but incredibly powerful. 

4. Eleanorisms. SO darling! I wanna be naked too E, I wanna be naked too.

5. The most perfect sweatshirt dress.  I say most perfect, but really...the price makes it slightly less than. I tried this on the other day. So flattering. So comfortable. So warm. And perfect with opaque tights and booties.

6. NAKED 3!?!?!

7. Just picked up Naked Basics.

8. Syvende

9. California lovin'. 

10. The only thing I asked for for Christmas this year. Besides my wedding. For our new home.

11. Um, yum! 

12. This look. 

13.  Really into these kicks right now.

Sorry this was late. I hope you are having a lovely weekend. Stay warm. Stay safe. Stay gold.

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