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Friday, January 31, 2014

I've been getting all of my posts done early this week. Totally posted a playlist on a wednesday and the wish list on tuesday. Way to be, Dani. Way to be. Why not get the Friday Favorites done early too? These still might be put up on Friday, but at least it won't be on Saturday!

1. Supreme Comfort Food. Oh man...I want these right now. My mouth is watering.

2.  The Gap sale. So good. Got some dynamite deals. It's not online but it is IN STORE. Check that out!

3. The J.Crew sale. Also dynamite for J.Crew standards.

4. H&M's new collection.

5. THIS cardigan.

6. Sleeping at Last's latest edition to Atlas. SPACE 1 and SPACE 2. It is blowing me away right now. Listen to alll of it.

7. Comfy and cute. I love me some comfy and cute.

8. Details make shoes.

9. For newlyweds. 

10. Oh I would love this for these long and dreary Provo days.

11. Ty and I said NO gifts for Valentines...but of course a card with something inside doesn't count, right?

12. *language warning* this is fetching hilarious and true in many ways!

13. My pinterest board has been inspiring my wardrobe choices hardcore lately. What is inspiring you?

Do you have any plans this weekend? What is inspiring you?

Have a safe and happy one.

Stay gold.

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