It's been quiet around here...

Friday, January 3, 2014

And that's because I went to California and got married on the breeziest, sunniest, and loveliest day Newport Beach has ever experienced. But I'm back. With photos of course and a new name. Blog resolution and all.

P.S. Of course Blogger hates me and uploaded the photos out of order. Whatever.

Tyler left for home on the 23rd so we spent and early Christmas together. 
We got a KitchenAid from my GREAT aunt and uncle. Rad. Simply rad.
Kisses are in order after gifts have been ordered. 
Like I said, he knows me. Already finished "My Story". OH. MY. WORD. What an inspirational and inspiring story. Elizabeth Smart is a definite role model and she lives up to it all. 
Ty and I really want this dog. Like really really. 
Spencer gave us the files for our engagements. LOVE! 
We drove to California for the wedding on Christmas day. We stopped in St. George for dinner and nothing was open except for a Jack in the Box. Naturally we made these faces. 
The Bellagio.
My parents. I LOVE THEM. SO SO MUCH. 
Selfie time. You know 2013 was the time of the selfie. 
Yes. We know basketball. He is my sports fiend and I love it. 
REUNITED! Right when we got our marriage license. 
On our way to the wedding dinner. 
The most beautiful bouquet. Thank you mama. 
Coming out of the Newport Beach Temple. Newly sealed. 
A great shot that my sweetest friend took. Oh the joy. 
Honeymoonin' done right. 
Waiting for the Pandas! 
So beautiful. 
My baby. 
I can't even. 
Panda crazy. 
Never leave this Earth Pandas. 

San Diego Temple. 
Castle on a cloud. Or so it seems. I mean this shot is terrible. 
Kinda the greatest thing I have ever read about the New Years. 
Did we get a New Years Kiss? Did we party all night? No no not at all and we didn't mind one bit. We slept and it was awesome. Straight up. 
Newport Beach. The DREAMIEST! 
This family. We are The Abbotts. Six brothers and I love them all. 
We did it! 
I met THEEEEE Charles Lindbergh. 
Really loving this. Welcome the New Year. 
This breakfast would be super cool to have right now. 
Glitz and glam for wedding prep. Just one black and white filter on VSCO cam and my ring turned into the Arkan stone. Or whatever it's called. 
Obsessed. I know I'm one of those girls. 
The drive back to Utah. What a beautiful Utah sky. 
Stay gold, friends.

Also, please stay tuned for new blog posts and updates. This is turning into a married girls blog friends. You better believe it, but don't worry not much will change...I mean I'll probably say 'rad' a lot more and use way more hyperbole than what is humanly possible. It will be superb. Get outta your mind.

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