On Buttermilk Pancakes, Cookies, and Tacos.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lately, Tyler and I have had some pretty good eats. There is something about food that warms my heart (stop snickering...this is gonna get beautiful.) The fact that we can take simple, yet delicious ingredients and make tasty treats and dishes that fill the belly and warm the soul. God created food to bring people together. To make us happy. To bring us back to our childhoods. To create a challenge. To create memories.

For my wedding, my sister-in-law, Heather and the rest of the Abbott girls made me a cookbook. I am in love. It's the most darling thing there ever was. So many new recipes to try. So many tasty things to eat. When the belly is filled with good food, the heart and soul is very happy.

So here are some pictures! (Of what we ate of course...because that's how we roll.)

p.s. this is not a promise or resolution or anything...but I was thinking that maybe one day i'll start posting pictures of food i make and recipes and shiz like that. word.

Paper towel holder is from Target // Cookbook from The Abbott Brides // Pitcher from Target from the most precious Kelly Julander.
Actually didn't make these cookies, but I did make Abby's (Tyler's mom) famous cookies...and those seriously deserve a blog post all on their own. These were just cookies we gave out for a work activity. So many mudslides. Want the recipe?You'll have to ask BYU. 
These tacos. Made. My. Life. 

No picture of the pancakes with buttermilk syrup...but he's a picture of Ty and I to make up for that. Aren't we the stuck-upiest? Vain. I know. 

Oh this makes me miss Wedger (the brother) he took these. Now he's in New York impressing photographers left and right. 

So what food makes you happy? Don't lie...you know food has that effect on you! 
Any recipes you want to share? Send me links? Tell me a food story. I'd love to hear. 
Happy eating. 
Stay gold. 

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  1. Tonight's meal will be mind-blowing. How come there aren't any pictures of my grilled cheese sandwiches?


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