The most ridiculous wish list ever...

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Like none of these things are actually on my ACTUAL or LITERAL wish list. These are like the WISHES of wishes. In reality...I really want a half-zip sweatshirt, black skinny jeans, skinny sweat pants, and booties...with some fancy-schmancy H&M style sweatshirts with extra fringe. Don't know what I'm talking about? Yeah I'll probably include them in this post. Stay tuned. And don't be shocked by the exorbitant prices of some of the items you are about to see. In no particular they are. Read the captions, they know the way.

1 // Seriously loving these white blouses. Silky, satiny, sophisticated. Can be dressed up or down. There was a blouse that I absolutely loved that was for sale at H&M, but of course it sold out. Story of my life.
2 // Monk straps for the ladies? Yes, please.
3 // Maybe...just maybe I need to buy some Chelsea boots. Get rid of the buckles, give me the chelsea!
4 // But if you couldn't tell, I'm a serious sucker for that cognac bootie. Cognac booties win every time.
5 // Holy. The buckle done right. So refreshing.
6 // I'll take the 3/4 sleeved sweatshirt with the fringe. Hold the boots with the fur.
7 // I kid you not, I would wear this EVERY SINGLE DAY.

8 // This whole marled look is really in right now, and I'm really into it.
9 // If Natalie has it...I gotta have it. 

10 // Like I really want some new sweatpants. 
11 // Just like the street style ladies on Pinterest. Only $9.95...not $100. 

What are you wishing for? Know of any half-zips that I could be all over? Sound off below. 

Stay gold. 

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