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Friday, January 24, 2014

1. Pull these on. You could literally throw these one with EVERYTHING.

2. I dig. Oh I dig so hard.

3. Camo will always be the class throwback that everyone will say they hate, but secretly love and adore and wish they could rock. So why don't we rock it? Why don't we?

4. Day & Age by The Killers. Great album. Superb band. Tyler and I have been jamming out. Listen to all of it.

5. I Can't Stay by The Killers (good luck finding a good version...all of the ones I looked for weren't very good, but if you have spotify it's absolutely great on there.)

6. Leave it to A Cup of Jo to remind me just how ADORABLE AND RAD these things are.

7. Give it up for Joanna again, like how does she find beautiful things like this? Fashion at its finest.

8. i love it all. i love it all so much i want to go shopping RIGHT NOW.

9.  Joyride by The Killers (again, can't find a good link)

10. *Stomach growling*

11. My store of choice right now. 

12. The sweetest.  What a lovely D.I.Y.

13. This. 

Have a lovely weekend! Stay gold.

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