These ones are keepers.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1. Tyler and I are in LOVE with this sauce. (Psst. Would anyone with a Costco card be willing to buy this for us when they go? We will be most grateful and we will pay you back.) It's unreal.

2. So excited to try this recipe next week. Who doesn't love a ONE DISH meal?

3. And now I want the cookbook.

4.  Tyler and I live in a small space and these will come in handy one day, for sure.

5. Natalie's entire "Get Me Dressed" series. Oh I almost forgot one.

6. Netflix.

7. Parks and Recreation on Netflix. Can I please be Leslie Knope?

8. These have saved my blistered feet.

9. H&M, like I'm obsessed.

10. These boots were made for walking, running, skipping, jumping, jogging, and even swimming.

11. Young the Giant's new single.

12. One of my best friends got engaged this weekend! So happy for her. Congratulations Kaitlyn and Jimmy.

13. Whodathunk?  Let's decorate!

(Psst. Has anyone else had a  problem with automatic/queue posting on blogger?) 
The reason why this is up on a Monday...lame.
Oh well. 
Stay gold. 

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