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Thursday, January 16, 2014

I am on the hunt for affordable (and when I say affordable, I don't mean J.Crew 40% off.) I mean affordable and stylish places to buy clothes and shoes and accessories and what not. You get the drill, right? So sound off in the comments if you have anything other than H&M and Forever 21, which I will be mentioning in this post.

So right now, my obsessions have been black sweaters, skinny jeans, sneakers, and booties. And this could be because my feet hate me for wearing this flats that are on my feet right now, today. Here are my picks when it comes to clothes that I just mentioned (and then some.)

1 // H&M is having a killer sale right now. 50% off all sales items, and I have found legit gems on the sales rack. And this could be one of them. Throw this on with everything. Literally everything. Like I'm gonna do it. 
2 // Calling my name. Calling it. 
3 // Okay imagine this with boyfriend jeans ripped just right, the blackest skinny jeans, underneath a perfectly slouchy sweater...or the boucle cardigan that's coming up. 
4 // So this one time I found these in army green at H&M and totally passed them up. That won't happen again. 
5 // Now this is gold. And with that silk blouse. Oh yeah.  
6 // Could this get any better?
7 // Adidas, you had me at "Stan." 
8 // Chelsea boots get me.
9 // Totally tried these on in black as well and it was foot heaven. So comfortable and so cute. Like for real you guys. 
10 // Saved the best for last. THE CREME DE LA CREME! These are so good, even Tyler wants me to get them. And I think I will. 

What are you currently wishing for? Do you find yourself going through style phases? Are you reaching for the same things every time you go get dressed? Here's a little secret, that's TOTALLY okay. Do as the Parisians do, I say. All of those girls have a closet full of t-shirts and jeans and they always look rad. They don't fuss about trends. *sigh* I definitely want to be that way one day. Anyway, hope you enjoyed, make sure to leave your comments below, friends.

P.S. Just thought I should let you know I'm taking a Basics to In-Design class right now so this blog is going to get a revamp and restyle in the future. Maybe it will take the whole semester, but I can't wait.

Stay gold, kiddos.

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