On Hawaiian Haystacks...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Yesterday (Sunday), Tyler asked for Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner. I personally think that Hawaiian Haystacks are the most interesting dinner meal. Rice, creamy chicken sauce, with tons of corn and cheese and crispy chow mien noodles with some vegetables hidden in there with lots of salt and extra pepper.

But I will make whatever he wants so I complied and I made the grocery list for our WinCo adventure that we would have to take to gather the ingredients for the elusive haystack. And then the list turned into a big one and I felt overwhelmed because we were going to need to take the car in for a check up and I hadn't filled out my scholarship application and homework had to be done and family home evening had to be had. And that's what you do when you're Dani Ruiz Abbott, one silly little thing like a creamy rice dish will make you stress about so many other unrelated things that aren't even that stressful.

But the WinCo adventure was successful and the haystacks were conquered, healthy and delicious. I'll even share the tasty sauce recipe, once you go homemade you'll never go condensed.

The car still hasn't been checked, the scholarship application still hasn't been filled out and the to-do list is still long, BUT family home even was had and bellies were filled. And as I was sitting there watching men's mogul free style, sitting next to my favorite Tyler in the whole world, eating the Hawaiianiest Hawaiian haystack with homemade sauce, I realized that although those things are important... the moment I was just having was far more important.

That moment where I got to relax before homework and cleaning, where I got to sit with my husband and laugh about how while he was trying to help with dinner (which he does a smashing job at) he was also trying to start up some music while whisking the sauce that HAD to be whisked, while I was chopping veggies, and the whisk completely plopped into the boiling sauce. Tyler said he tried to fix it before I saw and it ended with saucy oven mitts, sauce dripping on the stove, and lots of laughs and jokes later.

That moment is worth more than complete to-do lists, lost pounds, A's on assignments, and the cleanest apartment.

It has an infinite worth to get all churchy and I am so glad that a yummy food dish made me realize it. I needed that. Powerful stuff, food is.

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