a gem

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Tyler is a gem.

A true blue gem.

I don't have a lot of gems in my life...

Okay well I do, but if I tell you you're a gem then that means you're pretty high in my book of people.

Same goes if I say you're gold.

If you're gold and a gem. Wow...you are loved my cheesy old me.

Today I was just reflecting on my mister.

He's done so many great things for me.

He's taken the trash out.

Made cookies.

Cleaned the kitchen.

Done the dishes.

Wiped my tears.

Told me to chin up.

Made me laugh.

And made me the happiest person ever.

He's definitely the gemmiest of gems.

Oh...and I never told you guys, he planned my bridal shower. That's right, he called up a friend of mine and made it happen.

What a dreamboat.

Yep, I like him lots.

I love him, actually.

Great stuff, I tell you, gems.

They are the greatest.

To all you gems, I love you. Thanks for being my gold flecks in the sand or whatever.

You can be an emerald or a ruby if you want.

Aight. I'm out.

Stay gold, my gems.

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