Instead of a playlist, I thought I would make this a gratitude post. It needed to happen. But here's my favorite song in the entire world that you can listen to. 

So this morning didn't work out as planned. My old account got over drafted because 3 checks that I had written months ago were just barely deposited. Yeah, so $70 worth of checks were just withdrawn and I over drafted. That's the worst. Also...I didn't get breakfast this morning BUT...

Tomorrow is pay I won't get in trouble for the over draft and I will have 300 dollars in my account. AND then, I get to transfer that money to mine and Tyler's account so we will have lots of money there. That's a blessing and relief. Pay your tithing, blessings will follow. Also...if someone writes you a check DEPOSIT IT RIGHT AWAY! RIGHT AWAY! Do as the Mormons do, deposit the tithing check like four days after you get it. That's the polite and right thing to do. 

Tyler risked getting in trouble for leaving his post and brought me TWO bagels and a vitamin water this morning! Yes, he's a dreamboat. MY dreamboat. 

Tyler actually wanted to go get ice cream! He did. And we got sub zero yesterday. That's his favorite. I was so happy. 

Friday Night Lights was in the repertoire yesterday. 

My brother's got their jobs they have wanted for a long time! 

$70 gift card to Target. 

Valentine's Day is coming! 

A three day weekend is coming up. 

Someone saw the business card that I was racking my brain over designing yesterday and they said they really liked it. I almost cried. 

There are so many other things that I am grateful for. Countless things. 

Never stop expressing what you are grateful for. 

I won't stop. If you won't. Let's be thankful together! 

Stay gold. 

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