Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I love Forever 21. Love it. So much. Get married, and you'll see why. Cute clothes. Sometimes crappy quality. But after a good search or two, you find those darn adorable, pretty good quality clothes for ULTRA cheap.

You may not believe me, but give it a try. The same goes for H&M. Eat a good breakfast or lunch, bring a water bottle in your satchel, and have an idea of what you want. Go into the store with a purpose and a patience and you will strike gold.

Here are some of my gold picks...

(From Forever AND H&M)

1 // I kind of really want this entire outfit. It's amazing. The skirt, the sweater, the booties. THAT HAT! Wow-ee. It's delish.  
2 // Oh my. Tyler and I want one. It's so good. The white one is A-MA-ZING!
3 // Straight out of True Grit. This looks like it fits like a gem. 
4 // This will always be a favorite. I think this zippered sweatshirt has been around since I first started shopping at F21. 
5 // Perfect for Valentine's Day! Who doesn't love a light, blushy pink? 
5 // I tried this on. OH MY GOSH. I'm in love. I want it in every color! 
6 // Yep. Love this. 
7 // I would also like this one in every color, please!
8 // Also tried this one on. It's beyond. 

Now...Forever 21 shoes are seriously underrated. Take a look. You won't regret it. I have a testimony of Forever 21 shoes.

10 // This are beautiful in person. That fake gold shines. 
11 // These look amaze. 
12 // Twice on a wish list? That's how much I want 'em. 
13 // These are on sale! Get out! 
14 // I'm camo crazy, and I don't care. I love it. 
15 // Dear Monk Straps, stay forever!! 
16 // SPRING!
17 // J'adore. Engaged friends, wear these for your wedding. 
18 // Well, these are bomb. 

And now my moody H&M picks that really define my every day style when I'm home. Dressing like a guy is the easiest thing in the world. I dig.

19 // Skinny jeans, this shirt, that faux leather jacket you have always wanted, and the flats above. You're gosh dang good. 
20 // Already have the shirt? Get the hoodie!
21 // So much stylish comfort! I can't even.  
22 // HELLO!  
Do you believe me yet?

Happy wishing!

Stay gold.

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