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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Let's talk about candles for a second.

When I was dating Tyler I often dragged him to Bath and Body Works (though I think sooner than later he started going willingly; he won't deny it) just to sniff out all of the candles. Sometimes I'd strike gold on a good "2 for $20" sale. That's how cheap they were back then. TWO FOR 20, people. I would go home with like 4 candles, because that's how lax I was with my budget back then. But Tyler wouldn't really care, because he loved candles and when we got engaged he finally said:

"I'll be honest, you buying candles was one of the many reasons why I wanted to marry you, because I know that you are going to keep our house cozy with all those good scents and stuff."

He's a dreamboat, right? Yeah. So the candles are a must at our house. Ya gotta keep things cozy. Yesterday, I hit up B&BW and got two candles in their "2 for $22" sale. Two dollars up. Those fiends ;). Just kidding and I had a coupon so Tyler got a free shampoo and body wash. He's all about that life.

So yes, we are gonna talk about all of the fall scents that I think you should be buying at B&BW. I gotta do my outside candle research too because I know that Anthropologie has some gorgeous candles, like Volcano, but I'm looking for the Fall scents, and I have to do my research for the Winter scents, because Tyler specifically said...we have to come back in like a couple of weeks for all of the Christmas ones. Perhaps, I should learn how to make them myself like my precious friend Talor. Who by the way is getting married on Wednesday. Uh. Going to cry. What a love story.

Anyway, candles!

Let's do this.

1 // Sandalwood is one of my favorite scents. I remember when BB&W first came out with the "this smells like your boyfriend's flannel" scents, and I was so against them. Then I gave this one a chance. Ooo it's divine and smoky and it smells like a log cabin and cookies. 

2 // Cinnamon and Clove Buds. Straigh up Christmastime, and it's never too early for Christmastime. Warning if you don't like strong cinnamon scents, this one is OBVIOUSLY not for you. 

 3 // So maybe this isn't a designated "fall" scent, but it's the most relaxing, "I want to cuddle up into a blanket and sleep" scents ever. It's subtle but burns like a....nevermind. 

4 // Same with Eucalyptus mint. Want to relieve stress? Burn this baby.


5 // This one smells like Starbucks and the PSL aka Pumpkin Spice Latte. Like it's all I can think of when I burn it. Oo it's tasty. 

6 // Tyler LOVES this one. Unfortunately, I didn't buy it because if you burn pumpkin caramel latte and banana nut pudding together it smells exactly like this one. If anything smells like waffles, Tyler will be all over it. 

7 // Marshamallow fireside. I can't even. That's all. I seriously can't even. Just think of girls camp and let the nostalgia sent in. 

8 // Sweater Weather was sold out at my nearest BB&W, but they had this BOMB and I mean bomb 3-layered candle with Sweater Weather on top, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin in the middle, and Pumpkin Apple. It's a dream come true. The dreamiest of dreams coming true. I can't stop burning it. In fact, it's burning in my living room as we speak. 

9 // Speaking of your boyfriends flannel. 

10 // Something about pumpkin cinnamon baked goods that speak to my fall-y soul. 

11 // GUYS. This is my favorite fall scent ever. I mean ever. It's my favorite. I got a wallflower of this scent for free and I am OBSESSED. But so is everyone else, because it's sold out everywhere. You can only buy the mason jar and mini candle. Ain't nobody got time for that. Just kidding, I might just stock up because I could smell this scent ALL year round. 

12 // One of my other favorites. Only I can only burn it for like 10 minutes. It's strong. But like I said before, burn it with pumpkin caramel latte and you've got a coffee shop and pecan waffles waiting to happen. 

13 // Because you can't go wrong with vanilla chai. 

14 // Shout out to my girl Sierra Carter and her luscious candle that I can't stop wanting. I don't know why I don't buy it already. It's not really a fall scent either but it rocks. It just does. There is something about the sandalwood part that reminds me of changing leaves and chilly hikes. 

15 // Pumpkin apple is sold out everywhere, but thank goodness for my 3-layered candle. That thing is my bae. EW why did I just use that word? Pumpkin apple is fall in a candle. It just is. 

16 // Leaves is burning in our bedroom right now. Guys. It's probably my second favorite candle ever to be made my BB&W. It's up there with all the best candles in the world. 

17 // Lastly, Fireside. This candle is a more like scout camp with a bunch of hunks. 

In other words. Run, don't walk to BB&W. Two for $22. That's all you need. 

+ h a p p y // s m e l l i n g 

+ h a p p y // s h o p p i n g 

+ s t a y // g o l d

p.s. today at church a girl made a comment about how she loves that the season makes her want to go out and chop wood. it was my best day. 


  1. Hi I love you so much and I still read all of your golden blog posts.

  2. I am an addict. I have the pumpkin cinnamon bun, leaves, pumpkin caramel latte, vanilla chai, and pumpkin apple. :)


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