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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

To be honest, it's hard NOT to be inspired by stripes. They are a crowd favorite and although curmudgeons like to tell you they make you look wide and busty, who cares. That's a pretty regular myth anyway. I say screw it Sailor. Wear all the stripes you can. Here are some class black and white stripes you can work this fall. 

Mind you, stripes of any color and variety are great. I am also partial to navy and white, red and navy, and white and red. Oooo I can taste the classic from here! 

1 // One of my favorite looks. Black jeans with a striped shirt. It's simple but it's put together. I have a Saint James tee that I absolutely love. I found it on eBay on a killer dealer and it has lived up to its reviews. If I wake up in the morning and I am having a bad case of "outfit block" I pull this look on and I'm good to go. People may think I'm basic, but sometimes you gotta be basic. 

2 // Hatch Collection is the J.Crew of Momma clothes. If only I had the money to splurge on their beautiful pieces. On the bright side they are well worn investments because you can wear the stylish pieces before, during, and after pregnancy. The whole look is precious. So precious I could wrap it up in a silver bow and give it to you for Christmas. (What the heck, Dani?) 

3 // Striped sweaters! Whoduhthunk? 

4 // *Breathes in immense amount of fresh air* that's how I feel when I see Alexa Chung's street looks. She is one of my style icons. I love the yellow, the tights, the striped dress, the coat. The everything. 

5 // A unique and simply lovely dress for just about every occasion. 

6 // And lastly, my goal is to recreate this look. It's perfectly  put together and I love that. I love effortless looks that you can fill your closet with. I really want to fill my closet with pieces that I could grab in the dark and be satisfied wearing when I walk out of the house. 

+ s t a y // i n s p i r e d

+ s t a y // g o l d

p.s. I am currently making a list of my favorite striped finds to see if I can help ya'll find some you can buy and try out yourself. 

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