Friday Favorites // Long time no see

Friday, November 14, 2014

p h o t o 
No but really. How long has it been since I've done a Favorites post? Yeah. Too long. Just a mini update before I get to the beautiful and entertaining things from the internet. Tyler's surgery went well. My mom was in town. She's the ultimate favorite of the week. She left this morning and I bawled my eyes out. Boy, I love her. But I love Tyler too and I can handle this. I can do it. This morning was no good though. He was in so much pain. Poor thing. I said on Twitter: "You don't know what helplessness is until you see your husband in excruciating pain and you can't do anything to help him." Or something like that. We're okay though. We keep on keeping on.

1 // Not a link, but get this. This morning I had an appointment set up at the DMV because they never sent me my updated license. Boo on them right? Well I made it so I would leave early and get there early. Maybe just maybe they would take me in early. My mom said I shouldn't push it, but I'm so glad I did. I was in and out in 5 MINUTES! Boo-yah. That's all. Just boo-yah. Christmas miracle, I tell you.

2 // I wish everything in this post wasn't true. 

3 // A fist bump...

*** This quote: "It's okay if you're pregnant, Amanda," I told her, trying to whisper so I wouldn't wake Zach. "You can tell me if you are. I won't feel sad, or sorry for myself. I won't make it about me. I promise. I'll be so happy for you."

4 // Because we all need a little bit of Paris in us.

5 // These words from Amy Poehler made me cry.

6 // Step aside Kim, there are 8 women in town who are in charge now.

7 // Holy hannah, I blue cheese. 

8 // On becoming an adult...

9 // She Treats Me Well by Ben Howard 

10 // Tyler and I are ALL about Ezra for a baby boy. 

11 // THIS SAUCE.   p.s. at Target and Macey's it's $9.50. Yowch right? But hey...if you are looking for the best pasta sauce in a jar ever...this is it...and I only buy one bottle once a month for those times where I'm like...don't want to make anything...Rao's it is. So many ellipsis.

12 // Let's layer!

13 // Food Network is so important in my life.

+ h a p p y // w e e k e n d 

+ s t a y // g o l d 

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