Sunday, May 17, 2015


There is a house right behind our house. The house is large and has a lot of windows. The window in the room that looks out to this this big house with lots of windows has the best breeze. The breeze brushes your back lightly, but it supplies the best cool.

You can also see the prettiest sunsets at this window. My father-in-law uses this room with the best window with the best breeze that looks out to the large house with the most windows, so I don't get that much time in this room, but on the days where he's golfing and Abby is out hustling and bustling with kids, I sneak away to the room with the best window with the best view of the best sunsets that looks out to the big house with the many windows. 

While I'm here I enjoy the light breeze with the best cool and then my mind thinks about windows, and all the windows of that house. I would like a house with a lot of windows and figuratively...I have a lot of windows. We all have a lot of windows. Windows to the soul? Perhaps...or windows to the heart or just windows period, you feel me? I have a lot of windows. 

In one window you can see the kitchen. The place where my mind is thinking about, you guessed it food, but it's also thinking about creation and all the things that I want to do and make in this life. It's filled with thoughts about things I want to do with my creativity.

In another window you can see a closet, a big one too. Filled with the loveliest things my brain can desire, but it's also filled with the things I'm afraid of like monsters and insecurities and things that dwell in closets. 

And through a window there is definitely a living room, filled with joy and laughter and the good things in life that warm the soul. I feel like the living room is your eyes, you know the window to your soul? The living room is the window we keep open the most because it's polite and people like being there. They like being in the living room because that's where the people are the happiest and everything is going well. 

Then in window there is the bedroom, and it's the most private place. It's a resting place. It's the place where I try to shed the burdens of the day; I shed my day-skin. It's the place I don't share that much, because that's where the closet resides and in the closet is where the fears and insecurities are, and sometimes they think they can creep into your bedroom when you're trying to rest. But sometimes when my mind tries to rest it becomes restless. With restlessness a closet opens and all the fears and monsters come out. Sometimes when you wake up in the morning, that window remains open. Too  many open windows. 

We all have a lot of windows. Some stay open. Some stay shut tight. Some days people can see straight into my windows, other days they are tight and closed. It's hard to have all the windows open. It's hard to have them closed. That's why we have to find our best window. The one with the great view. The one with the best breeze when opened. The one that captures that sunset so nicely. Once you find that window, you find some peace and you become okay with what people see. 

So even if this analogy made no sense at all and even if it is extremely poorly written, I hope that you find your window and I hope you find the strength to let that breeze in, because it ain't so bad and people really need to just deal with your open windows, because that's tough if they can't.

But don't let it get to're the boss of your own freaking windows. 

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  1. Really like this analogy. I'm trying to let more windows into my space. My life. Because sometimes I board up, lock up and close the drapes unnecessarily to opportunities because I am afraid. But windows, as you so wonderfully reminded me, are good things that let light and air and, well, happiness in.


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