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Friday, May 15, 2015

1 // I would be totally and completely ungrateful if I didn't say the biggest, gushiest and heart-juiciest thank you to the best favorites this week...YOU GUYS! My friends! Thank you for loving me even when I'm down. Thank you for the encouraging texts and messages and comments. My heart is full! I have that "my heart is going to burst out of my chest and melt into a puddle of love juice on the floor" feeling. God gives us friends because of moments like these. Just know, you are never alone. I know that. I get reminded of that every day. There is someone there who may not be going through EXACTLY what you're going through, but they are willing to feel for you and feel with you. Isn't that something? Feeling with something. That's empathy, right there. So thank you, friends. I love you. I really do. Thank you for feeling with me. 

2 // One of my freshman roommates, Meghan, is getting married and the other day she asked for some planning advice from me and my two other roommates. I got all the wedding feels. Here are 12 unforgettable wedding moments. 

3 // Speaking of Cup of Jo, have you seen the new website design? Can I please write for this website? That would make my life. 

4 // And one more from this beautiful corner of the internet, a West Village Apartment Tour that will make you swoon and wish you had all the dollars to have an apartment so beautiful. 

5 // The prettiest iPhone 6/6+ cases. I'll take the sparklerose one, please! No but really, can't you see those gems looking great on a block of gold?  

6 // Because of recent events, my fashion studying has gone through a little desert-y moment. I wasn't able to talk about the Met Gala red carpet or the rest of NYFW (it's all right though, because it happens every single year). But I just wanted to give a shout out to my girl, Anna. Though poppies were an odd choice, her dress was a work of art and I dig stuff like that. Also, Fan Bingbing. That. is. all. 

8 // More wedding inspo: for the donut lovers!  (Sorry, Karlee) 

9 // Can we "taco" bout this? Please? 

10 // I call this "Throw it on and go" #1. 

13 // Ok and I hate to shamelessly plug, but hey, why not? Check out my tumblr!  You can find me there drooling over food, fashion and nerdy things. Ya dig? 

Have the happiest weekend friends and, dare I say it, stay gold. 

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