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Friday, August 31, 2012

I am writing this sprawled across my little twin bed. I should be partying right now like any normal college student, but my stomach hurts a lot and I'm tired. Having 8 and 9 o clock classes, stressing out and crying over your sewing class, and trying to get to know new people takes it out of you. Really though. I know I sound like a party pooper, but right now I just need to sleep and get over this first week of classes. Oh boy, first week of classes? Don't even get me started. So how about some favorites? Some good old Dani's Favorite with a lot of instagrams.

This happened last Saturday. I have been wanting to see Wicked ever since it came out ten long years ago. The music has always been a favorite of mine, I wasn't a big fan of the book, but it was always a dream of mine to see this beautiful musical. Back in May, my dad surprised my mom with tickets for her Mother's Day present. I got to see it with my Mom, sister, and brother. We LOVED it. It was everything we dreamed of and more. I will now hold every musical up to this one and see if it compares. Really though, nothing beats "Defying Gravity." Nothing. Her singing was spot on, the lights, and the effects just brought tears to my eyes. Heck, I was crying the whole time. Since, the first note was hit in the orchestra. It was the best way to start my school year.

2. My Marriage Prep Class

I had my doubts about this class. I thought it was going to be full of returned missionaries and freshman girls all ready to tie the knot and make babies. I was COMPLETELY wrong. This has to be my favorite class so far. There are a lot of readings but every single one has so many truths and insights. On the gospel side of things and the secular. Also, there is a variety of the people in the class. Returned missionaries, long time married students, senior girls, people like me doing it for their major. I just know that this class will change my life. I feel it already.

3. College Survival Kit
A snack, preferably grapes in a plastic baggy, a trusty laptop, preferably one called Apple, and a Camelbak waterbottle. They are the only way to go. These three things have been my lifesavers during class breaks and moments where I have been worn out from first week anxiety and lack of sleep. 

4. Free gelato

Every once and awhile some college or organization will give out free goodies. This has been the best I've gotten so far. Yum. Mango flavored.

5. A night in the park

While everyone was monkeying around...I was being a rebel and standing on the bar closest to the ground.

6. My floral pants in the picture above.

7. The fact that this post is over and I can go to bed.

Keep calm and Friday on my friends.

OH and I forgot to mention...

 I got to meet these cool guys. And when I say cool. I mean cool. This was also a dream come matter how zoooooobie that sounds. Kyle Van Noy and Brandon Davies people. The real deal.

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