Wishlist Wednesday: Back to School, Part 1

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's time for another Wishlist Wednesday! Today is Part 1 of my Back to School Wishlist! I don't know how many parts I'm going to do. I might do one of these posts NOT on a Wednesday so we will see. If there is anything you'd like to see on these upcoming BTS posts, please let me know in the comments below.

1. Vans
You may be thinking, "Dani, you just got a pair of Vans, you don't need another one." Well here's my reasoning, once you have one pair you just want ALL the pairs. Actually, I got a 20 dollars off coupon on my next purchase when I bought my first pair of Vans. So I thought, hey why not? I am looking for one of the authentic/classic pairs. I just don't know what color I should get. Leopard? Mint? Light Blue? Chambray? Black? White? Off-white? Navy? I'm trying to not go for gray, because my other Vans are gray, and I have a pair of gray TOMS Cordones. Help this girl out. Tell me what color you think I should get in the comments.

2. A Wishbone Necklace
Shop Bop // Belle Noel Wishbone Necklace
I can't wear a lot of jewelry, but every once and a while I am willing to deal with the irritating rash that I get from wearing jewelry that's not real silver or gold. So when I actually wear jewelry I want it to be pretty, unique, and simple. I thought this wishbone necklace would be a perfect piece to add to my very small collection. I love that it's gold and that it's long. I don't have anything like it.

3. A Watch
Urban Outfitters // Around the World Leather Watch
I have a Michael Kors watch that I wear with just about everything. It's pretty fancy though and I will admit...heavy. Sometimes my wrist is tired by the end of the day, which I don't think is exactly good for my wrist. I haven't been able to wear it as often because of that, so I went on a watch hunt and found this one. I love the face so much. The leather band and smaller face will make it a lot less heavy and flashy. You know how Michael Kors watches are. They are in your face. Beautiful, but in your face. I could wear it with more casual outfits too. I think it will be good to switch it out with something more subtle, but still very different and cool. Also, I love the price on this one. Way more affordable for a college student.

4. Dark Wash Skinny Jeans
AE // 1

AE // 2
My sister got a pair of these jeans, and I secretly wish they were Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants jeans. They are the softest, most comfortable skinny jeans I have ever seen or tried on. They didn't have my size when I went. If you like American Eagle jeans, they are now on sale! They really last forever and worth every penny. Dark wash jeans are classic too. They go with everything. You don't run the risk of the wash going out of style or looking old. The more you wear them, the better they look.

3. A Chambray Blouse
AE // Chambray Artist Blouse
I have two Chambray/Denim button up shirts, but I wanted something a little more dressy. Something a little more girly and blousy. I think it would be easier to style this blouse with skirts. I like the Henley style as well. It makes it a little more feminine. Oh how I want this.

4. A Polka Dot Shirt/Tank/Blouse
J.Crew // Blythe Blouse in Polka Dot
 I just want something with polka dots on it. Anything. Preferably this one from J.Crew. But a cheaper version. Yeah.

5. A Zig Zag Sequin Top

J.Crew // Zigzag Sequin Tee
A zig zag shirt. Covered in sequins. Need I say more?

6. FOREVER 21 Pullovers
Forever 21 // Metallic Heart Fleece Pullover
An item that I always buy at Forever 21. Their pullover sweatshirts are so cute. I have a lace front one that I wear too much. They are so comfy and adorable. I want to get a bunch for school. I especially love this one for the big heart and the mint color. It reminds me of a Wildfox Couture jumper...just for the fraction of the price. Awesome huh?

What do you want for back to school? What styles are you excited for when fall comes around? Comment below and have some happy wishing and a very awesome Wednesday!


  1. I seriously have fallen in love with that watch! I might have to get it if you don't ;) Love you Dani- And I absolutely love your wishlist posts except that they make me want to shop for everything you post.

    1. Me too! Um. You should get it. Then we can be twins. Actually I haven't gotten it yet, but if you do and I do...then yes twins. Did that make sense.

      I love YOU Leah! Yeah that's the only problem. Haha.


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