Monday Musing: Life Lately and The Pictures I Promised

Monday, September 10, 2012

I felt home sick today. I woke up with my first anxiety attack of the year this morning. Shaking, cold, sick to my stomach. For no good reason. So many thoughts were whirling through my mind. Doubt, happiness, nervousness, sadness, sympathy, worry, hope. All of these feelings. Sometimes I wonder why it has to happen at the moments it does. Sometimes I wonder why I let things get to me. Why I worry so much and why we as human beings worry about what people think of us. Why do we care so much? If only the answer were simple. Though I miss my family and the comforts of my home, I just have to realize how happy I really am here. I love this college experience and I'm supposed to be living it. I'm supposed to be meeting people, dating people, staying up late, doing lots of homework and trying to be a better me every single day. When anxiety attacks hit I need to take deep breaths, remember that I'm okay, I'm safe, I have beautiful people in life. Life is good. I can go on. So maybe I should stop worrying if a guy is going to talk to me, if I'm going to write an A+ paper, if I'm going to be able to pay rent. Sure those are things that usually can be worried about, and I won't disregard them, but those things won't rule my life. I have control.

I just want to end this short little musing with my gratitude. I'm so grateful for my Mom, Dad, Sister, Brothers, Friends, Emilee, Makenna, Megan, Kaitlyn, Ali, Aubrey, Melissa, Josh, Nate, Ken, Russ, Charlene, Kevin, Leah, Whitney, Olivia, and the list goes on. I'm so grateful for the people in my life. I am so grateful to be at this University. I'm grateful that I get to live. Life goes on and so must I. Thank you Heavenly Father for the beautiful and numerous blessings I so do not deserve and yet you keep on giving. Thank you.

So the pictures I promised...

I have been instructed in kissing techniques.

I have been living off of Spaghetti and BBQ chicken because I'm too lazy to go grocery shopping.

I helped this kiddo find a shirt. This one was too small and he only liked it because he said he could look like a ninja. Yep we're cool.
I've been losing myself in the beautiful world of Vogue. The September Issue. *drool*

I made my first purchase EVER from Buckle. Breaking barriers. That's my job.

I've fantasized over beautiful ads in my Vogue magazine.

I've met strange, yet wonderful people with the coolest apartment.
I attended football games.

I've played a lot of NERTZ. 
I've met a lot of people.
I really love my ward.
I've eaten more frozen yogurt this week, then I have in my entire life.
Who could complain?

What are your thoughts on Life Lately? Own Monday everybody! We can do this!


  1. Dani you are the cutest and I love you so much! Please let's do something this weekend. And also- I can't remember the last time I ate this much frozen yogurt/ice cream... except maybe Freshman year.

  2. Love you Leah! Yeah that would be so so so much fun! I know for real. Haha. College and ice cream go hand in hand.


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