A Playlist Continued, Friday Favorites and a Happy Weekend

Friday, October 5, 2012

I am actually getting my Friday Favorites done early. I should get a prize! What a wonderful week it has been. A real blessing since last week was such a pain. I sure do appreciate weeks like this, and I sure do appreciate those who read this silly blog. It brings me to tears sometimes. Anyway, enough of me being sappy, let's get to the favorites.

Thursday Playlist Continued...

1. Babel by Mumford & Sons

I am completely impressed with this new album by Mumford & Sons. I think they all have such impeccable talent. It is now my dream to see them live one day. You can listen to Sigh No More  and Babel  together and it's the perfect playlist. I definitely recommend checking it out if you haven't already. Some of my favorites from it are, Holland Road, Ghosts That We Knew (Marcus Mumford's voice in this one could make any girl fall in love, even the most loveless person. It's amazing), Lover of the Light, Not with Haste, and Where Are You Now. So basically the whole thing. Really though.

2. Fire Is In the Fjord by Emily and the Woods

This song came up so many times on Spotify this week. It would come on at the most beautiful times. At times where I was looking outside at the fall covered mountains. Times when I just needed to sit and think. Times when I was reflected about my life. I could just go on and on about how beautiful it is. Please check out Emily and the Woods, she has a Norah Jones/ Ellie Goulding vibe to her voice.

3. I've Been Loving You Too Long by Otis Redding

Soul music. 1960's R&B. Awesome.

4. DJ Ease My Mind by Niki & The Dove

DJ would you please ease my mind?

More Favorites...

5. Once Upon a Pizza Night

Nothing says college life better than Pizza and Once Upon a Time with the coolest girls on the block.

6. Political Debates and Donuts
Whoa really? Well yeah, I got informed without every single BYU student telling me how much they hate Barack Obama. I say respect those who are doing one the hardest things in the world. Really though, Mr. Prez is probably a cool guy, and I'm sure Mitt Romney is just as awesome. They are probably secretly like the best of friends. Oh and about the donuts...if you're going to watch a debate make sure donuts are present. They make things a lot happier.

7. Girls Night
More pizza, manicures, ice cream, and hot tubbing. Soooo fun. Also, who doesn't love getting to know the most golden girls in your ward? We should spotlight more often, but remember what is said in the hot tub...STAYS in the hot tub.

What were some highlights of your week? What do you think of the new Mumford album? What are your plans for the weekend?

I hope your weekend is a happy one. Enjoy conference (if you watch), and stay golden. 

P.S. If this post seemed scatterbrained or sloppy, I apologize. I noticed that my posts haven't been drafted as nicely as I would want. I'll work on it.

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