Terrific Tuesday: A Dillards Experience

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So every January 1st, since I became interested in fashion, clothes, and things like that, my mom and dad take me to the New Years Sale at Dillards. All reduced merchandise goes for an extra 50% off...so that only means that the deals are phenomenal. It's kind of like my Christmas present. So a couple of days before, my mom and I went to scope out what we wanted. Shoes are always tricky because you never know which ones will go on sale. What boots will be reduced, are those heels going to be 50% off? So many questions, and it doesn't help that they set the various sizes on tables in the middle of the perfume and cosmetics area. So we avoid the shoes on our scope out. We go and look at the clothes and the watches...and the purses. You know that all the purses will be on sale because designers want to get their new collections out there. So we scoped and I decided on a new glitzy Michael Kors watch (because the simple Fossil one that I want won't be on sale until the  middle or very end of the year) and a cable knit cardigan. I then secretly hoped that the oxford heels that I wanted would be on sale. Well the day came. My mom and I woke early this morning and made our way to the trusty ol' department store. Let me tell you, it was like Black Friday....it was like Walmart at Black Friday. Even worse right? I went directly to the watch and my mom went for a pair of boots that she had her eye on...that happened to be on sale. Really the shoe section is chaotic...I saw some people weep over shoes not on sale. I saw a woman grab 10 boxes of boots and throw her body over them. Then I saw a whole load of ladies hoarding boxes of perfume like their lives depended on them. Who needs 10 bottles of Ed Hardy perfume that smells really cheap after 15 minutes? This was all happening while I was trying to SQUEEZE my way to the watches...my heart pounding that my watch that I have checked for every time I've been there, would be taken by these ruthless women.

Well I did make it and I feel like I made a grand leap for the watch. I actually grabbed three. I found a simple gold fossil watch and I held on for dear life. To make things a little less stressful, my dear friend Kadee just so happened to be looking at the watches. After some interesting hugs ( we were being knocked around by the ravenous crowd). I handed her one of the watches...like I was asking her to protect it or something...I don't really know what I was doing. My mind was so fuzzy...it was chaos. She actually bought it for a mission watch and I take a little pride. It will look great on her Sister Missionary wrist. Anyway, so I got my watch. I held on to it while I headed to the shoes, because it turned out that the shoes that I had been wanting were actually on sale. A mighty fine sale indeed. I completely forgot about my precious cardigan. It was sold out when I got there. And I remembered that I had wanted a wallet...those were gone too. People had  3 purses on each arm...and they would have been holding them in their mouths if there wasn't a 6 purse purchase limit. So I bagged the shoes, the watch, and a bra. A bright pink one and I was content. Really I didn't need a flimsy striped t-shirt or a mustard cable knit cardigan. I didn't need a pizza maker either...which I was really tempted to snag...now I secretly wish I would have. I only needed chocolates. Salted caramel chocolates and we got some. I didn't need 10 bottles of perfume either. I even passed up a Cinnamon Sugar Donut candle from Bath and Body Works because I was so worn out. I would say the shopping trip was successful though. And if you wanted to see what I got....look below.

Dani's New Years Picks 

Prices are after the 50% was taken off.

The Ultimate T-Shirt Bra // Dillards // $10 // Hot Pink

Michael Kors Oversized Madison Chronograph Glitz Watch // Dillards // $82.50 // White Horn

Ecco Sculptured 65 Lace-up Booties // Dillards // $50.00 // Amber

Born Lisandra Leather Oxfords // Dillards // $30.00 // Taupe

It was very entertaining to see everybody and their dog pounce over shoes, parfums, purses, and material things. It's almost sad really. Thank you mom for teaching me not to hoard boxes of shoes and hiss at everyone who tries to pry them from my hands. 

P.S. I was guarding shoes for a really sweet girl meaning, I was just standing by her boxes because she wanted to find another size of a pair. Some girls my age came snooping and I told them they were for someone else. They then decided to snarl at me for not standing close enough and also inquiring nastily why no one was holding them. I simply told them in the sassiest way possible, "Be nice." Seriously though. Grow up. It's not like these are the last pair of shoes you will ever own.

If this post seems a bit rambly and messy...it's because I'm exhausted. hopefully you can forgive. Have a nice night. Happy new year. Stay gold.

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