Well if this obsession couldn't get any worse...beanies have been added to the mix!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I bring lunch for Tyler and I every morning and it makes me feel like a house wife and I really like it because domesticity isn't my strongest suit. Well I walk in and he has the coolest sweatshirt on and I got this pang of jealousy and strong desire to go shop. And then I saw a girl from my ward last year wearing the prettiest beanie with the prettiest gray sweatshirt and I had to make a wish list. So yes. Here is a wish list of sweatshirts and beanies. Eee!

I mean...

Photo Source
1 // These come in a bunch of colors, neon pink, neon lime, black, navy, and red. Hurru and get them though because these babies have the best fit, perfect slouch, AND they are only $2.80.
2 // Neon and gray. Best combo. Not even kidding.  
3 // BAH! Bah as in bah this is the greatest color blocking beanie I've ever seen. 
4 // Heathered goodness. All colors please! 
5 // I almost snatched this up last week. Had other things to buy, but this looks the  cutest on. 
6 // Wanna look like a street style fashion blogger? You need a Carhartt hat in your rep.
7 // You could do no wrong.  
8 // Call me childish..but this..this is gold. 

To add to the collection...

9 // HELLO! I saw this this past weekend at the Riverwoods in Soel Boutique and I had to have it. Only prob for me? The price. Could be so worth it though.
10 // Want. Want. Want. Want so much.  
11 // I just...
12 // I can't.
13 // holy smokes. looks so warm. Don't you think? 

14 // Probably will be my next purchase...if the J.Crew sale doesn't get me first. 

And now for the prettiest inspiration outfits ever. 

14 // Since being engaged to Tyler, all things California have been inspiring me.  
15 // The Sweater! The Scarf! The Golden Baubles! AH! 
All that gray...oh and the white lo-pro vans? Aw man. It's perfection.  
16 // And just because. 

Are you ready to rock the beanies and the sweatshirts? I sure am. Happy wishing and stay gold!

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