Terrific Tuesday // Back to Basics

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

p h o t o 

You should all be smiling. Smile, because there are so many reasons to. Today, on this very fine Tuesday, I am bringing us back to the basics. A basic list of things that have been making me incandescently happy lately. (Not including Tyler because he always makes me happy and I don't want people's panties getting in bunches over me not mentioning him. Come on, people!)

So here it is...

A list of things that are making Dani real darn happy lately...

1. Working out. I know, I'm sorry I had to say it. I have had my fair share of body image issues lately. You probably know this if you follow my instagram or if you actually read my posts, but yeah. Insecurities, they are real things. But my mom, my precious mom sent me this article a while back, and it really has inspired me. Her method works, my friends. I am trying it and I already feel like myself again. Sometimes you just need that encouraging and healthy push. Read this, this, and this for extra. (Not to be one of those people, but I am actually currently writing this right after doing her "at home" workout and I feel like death. I look like it too, but I feeeeel gooood.) Okay I'm done. I promise it will only come up again subtly next time.

2. My Freshman roomie and her husband are moving into our complex! YES!

3. Human Nature by Michael Jackson

4. My Dreaming of Honeysuckle Northbound Candle. I always get compliments on it. People always want to know what's burning. Always. But not in that icky burnt food kind of way.  Talor, you have brought beautiful scents into our home. Thank you!

5. The Gap. Holy cow, forget J.Crew I am all about The Gap right now. And that's perfectly fine by me. Don't get me wrong, I love J.Crew but that stuff is expensive and if I want my fashion fix, I am only allowed my allotted budget. Plus, The Gap reminds me of a cheaper and probably lesser quality Madewell...again though, fine by me. The more money I save, the better.

6. Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran 

7. One of my supervisors compared me to a breezy ocean today. My heart swelled.

8. Pizza and Sleepless in Seattle. Tom Hanks reminds me of Tyler. Meg Ryan peeling the apple. And pizza. Yes. So happy.

+ h a p p y // t u e s d a y

+ s t a y // g o l d

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