Monday Musing // Warmth

Monday, January 12, 2015

It's raining outside today. Rainy days are meant for cozy beds and warm drinks with frothy sweetness. It's not the kind of rainy day where you can go outside and dance in it with just a t-shirt and shorts. It's the rainy day that chills your bones and gets you down to your toes. It should be against the rules to go out on a day like this to face the chunks of dirty icy snow and cold drips of water. Stay inside, I say. Stay inside in the fuzziest blanket. Stay inside and eat a heaping bowl of soup. Aw those are the days. Fresh baked bread and a candle that smells like spicy woods.

But when you can't stay inside, when you have to go outside, go outside and spread warmth. Don't make excuses, just do it. Spread all the warmth you can. Be the person that warms others up like the blanket, the candle, the soup, the sweet froth. Be that person.

I try to keep a record of those people in my life. Once I wrote about a man with silvery hair climbing up a hill. I wrote about a boy who opened a door for me. I wrote about a love I once felt. I write about the love I feel now. I write about how I want to pay it forward. Now I must.

Today I write about one of my dearest friends who warmed me today. She sent me an email and it enveloped my heart into a homey little hug. People don't know how their words and thoughtfulness can make an impact. Simple things can make the most beautiful and love-growing things happen. Thank you, Talor. Thank you for being my blanket, soup, and fresh baked bread. This was a quote from the email written by Hannah Brencher. You can replace "Hannah B." for your own name.
"Hannah B— you deserve really good things. You deserve all the things you’re afraid to ask for. Long nights full of good conversation. A chance to start over. Sundays where you don’t work. A great love of your life. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. Don’t be afraid if these things come your way. You’ve been afraid to say “yes” for a really long time. Maybe it’s time, Hannah B. Maybe it’s time to say yes"
And then after reading this...I looked out the window to the cold I had to face and I saw all the people I wanted to make warm. And I saw the misty mountains and the soaked trees with the reaching branches. And I saw the wet pavement and I thought of the feet that cross it every day and I thought of all the people again, and then this song came on my spotify, and it was like a movie moment. 
"May the wind be always at your back, and the sun shine warm upon your face. May the rains fall soft upon your fields until the day we meet again. And the roof that hangs over your head find you shelter from the storm. Before the devil knows you're dead, may it be in heaven my friend. May good love find you at your worst and bad love lose you at  your best. May the days be rich and full of wealth, and the nights be long when you need rest." --Delta Spirit, Devil Knows You're Dead
So I'm going to spread my warmth. May the wind be always at your back my friends, and may the sun always shine warm upon your face, because you deserve it.

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  1. Gawlee, your writing is SOOOO good. I like. A lot.
    Thank you, your warmth is very tangible.


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